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PAX 2 Vaporizer

by PAX
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PAX 2 Features

  • Dry Herb Only
  • 4 Temperature Settings
  • 45 Second Heat Up
  • 90 Minute Battery Life
  • 2 interchangeable Mouthpieces
  • Magnetic USB Charger
  • Motion-Sensor Technology
  • Self-Cooling Technology
  • Conduction Heating
  • Ultra-portable device
  • Stainless steel for both its powerful oven and air path


  • PAX 2 portable vaporizer (latest version)
  • Charging cable
  • Maintenance kit (1 wire brush, 10 pipe cleaners)
  • Standard and elevated (raised) mouthpiece
  • Standard oven lid

PAX 2 Vaporizer Review

The Pax 2 Vaporizer was released with a lot of excitement and fanfare. It offered a slim design with a more accessible lid and a friendlier user interface. Despite the later introduction of the PAX 3, the PAX 2 remains a great vaporizer with superb performance and a cost-effective price tag.

Its simplicity and elegant design still make the Pax 2 a fan-favourite among many vapers. Here’s a closer look at what the Pax 2 has to offer and why it should be part of your vaping collection.


The Pax 2 has an intuitive, efficient and durable design incorporating an all-in-one form factor, a large herb chamber and unbelievable battery life. Everything about the creation of the device is centred around giving the user a great experience. It has an intuitive user interface, updated technology that helps you get more battery life and preserve your herbs.

It's an excellent choice if you're chasing intense vapor and want a vape device that doesn't compromise the quality of flavour.

Manufacturing Quality

It’s almost impossible to pick something wrong with the manufacturing of the Pax 2. It is excellence at its best. The device does not only look good but also feels sturdy and well-made in your arms. It’s not just the use of quality materials when making the device but also the paying attention to the details that make this device an impeccable creation.

The most notable addition to the Pax 2 is the silicone mouthpiece that sits flush at the top of the unit. You don't need any mechanical parts to move it, and it doesn't get stuck.

There’s also a traditional style mouthpiece that comes with the device for vapers that prefer to take their draws from a raised platform.

The selection of materials used in the construction of this vaporizer includes stainless steel and anodized aluminium for the exterior. You can choose from a selection of four colours depending on your preference.

Discreet and Ultra-portable

Given the size and stature of the Pax 2, it's indisputable that the device was designed to be discreet and ultra-portable.

It stands at a mere 4 inches tall and has an oven capable of holding about a third of a gram, which translates to 15-25 draws when fully packed. It's ideal for extended on-the-go sessions for vapers that are always on the road.

The device is not only pocket-size but also inconspicuous. It can sit on the table without drawing attention and sits comfortably in the palm of your hand. It packs just enough weight to convince you of its solid build but not too much that it weighs you down when you carry it around.

Temperature Settings

The Pax 2 comes with four pre-set temperature settings ranging from 360 to 4200F. The first and second temperature settings sit within the 355 to 3900F range, while the third one settles at 420 and the fourth pushes the limits at 4470F.

The first two settings are perfect when you want to produce a light vapour. The last two hit the jackpot for cloud chasers that want thicker clouds and hit with their draw.

When drawing, you will notice that the vapour hits your mouth when it's cool without any harsh taste. This is because the Pax 2 has the same intelligent airflow path found in the Pax 1. The oven sits far away from the mouthpiece at the bottom of the unit. There's also an isolated path and the new lush mouthpiece that cools the vapour, delivering cool draws.


At first glance, it doesn’t seem like the Pax 2 has any technological advancements. But, it comes fully packed with herbal efficiency and battery life as priorities. The lip sensing technology and an accelerometer alert the unit when you’re vaping and when you’re not, allowing prompt adjustment of temperature to conserve the herbs and battery life.

If you set the device down, it will drop the temperature after 30 seconds. Once you pick it up and put it to your lips, it will boost the temperature back up.

The smart device also has an intelligent shut-off time. After three minutes of no movement, the device will shut itself off.

Vapour Quality

It doesn’t take many draws to realise the flavourful vapour that the Pax 2 produces. Even on the light temperature settings, the vapour is visible and smooth. You will be swept off your feet to see the amount of vapour that comes from this tiny device right off the bat. The device can keep up with this performance for most of its lifetime.

Battery Life

Although the motion sensors and other technologies fitted in the device take most of the attention, the battery of the device is equally impressive. It has an internal, 3000mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery. It takes about three hours to fully charge and provides about 90 minutes of use or about 10 sessions.

It’s prudent to note that the battery life depends on how you vape and the intensity of vaping. The device has a handy LED around the petals that saves you the surprise of running out of charge by indicating how much battery you have left. All you have to do is shake the device and check the petals.