Arizer Solo 2 vs Mighty Vaporizer

Arizer Solo 2 vs Mighty Vaporizer

Arizer Solo 2 and Mighty have gained immense popularity over the years. Unfortunately, both devices have been top-rated since they were showcased in the market, making it difficult to choose.

This article will highlight the differences between the Arizer Solo 2  vaporizer and the Mighty handheld vaporizer by Arizer tech and Storz and Bickel respectively. This is not a full review of the vaporizers, but just a comparison to help you choose!


The Arizer Solo 2 vaporizer is the latest model from Arizer, and it is the second version of the Arizer Solo vaporizer. Arizer tech has done a fantastic upgrade with significant differences accumulating from the LED display to the specific and smartphone app temperature control with a top-notch addition of the glass vapor path.

While the size of this update might sound a lot smaller to some, Arizer Solo 2 features massive changes indeed, which make this version one of the best representations of Arizer!

The Mighty vaporizer and his super vapor! The powerful portable vaporizer offers one of the best possible vapor qualities: it is dense and massive. Also, Mighty offers incredible flavors of our favorite plants. With Mighty, you can taste the smell of your plants! the vapor is fresh thanks to the advanced cooling unit

Heating system

What type of heater do these devices use? The type of heater will help you know the kind of vapor they produce.

Convection and conduction are two unique ways to heat your weed. Conduction requires passing heat around to warm up your concentrates. However, convection requires a heating element to touch the herb so it can heat it.

Which is better, with the modern technology design, both are good, and your choice between the two methods is essentially your personal preference.

The Mighty has a hybrid heater system. It works with an intelligent mix of convection and conduction, which is the secret behind the precise, effective, powerful, effective steam it continuously produces.

The good news, the Arizer Solo 2 also uses both convection and conduction methods. It also offers an indescribable taste, pure and smooth from its glass tubes. The ranges of temperatures available all preserve your flavor throughout the session and produce fine vapors.

Available temperatures

The Arizer Solo 2 introduces precise temperature control to the Arizer product, which has been lacking for some time. The Solo 2 can be set between 50 to 220 degrees Celsius through the LED display. The Arizer Solo 2 gets an additional 10 degrees to work with, which will delight those who prefer thicker steam.

Another improvement to Solo 2 is the warm-up time. Arizer Solo 2 can reach its highest temperature in under 30 seconds. That's impressive, and that means the days of waiting for your Arizer Solo to heat up are gone, leaving you more time to enjoy a tasty vape.

The Mighty also provides a suitable temperature panel for all plants and concentrates! Thanks to its wide temperature range (40-210 degrees Celsius) and its fabulous heating technique, it is possible to effectively spray any aromatic plant or medicinal herb from medicinal herbs.

However, the most commonly used plants, such as legal industrial hemp, are ideally vaporized at 180°C, which is the best. If you use above 250°C, you are totally in pre-combustion. Of course, this can cause a massive appearance of poisonous gas, and that's not the point!

With the features we have discussed, It won't be nice if the battery of these devices is terrible. So let's take a look at their battery life.

Battery life

The Mighty has two lithium-ion batteries, which give you about an hour of battery life. This corresponds to about six sessions of 10 minutes, but it's still an average, as not all of them have the same usage.

The Arizer Solo 2 has an outstanding Battery Life. It gives a beautiful battery long enough and even up to twice as long as many other portable vaporizers. Furthermore, its 3500mAh non-removable battery lasts up to 3 hours. But, of course, the time varies depending on the temperature being used.


The Mighty isn't the smallest portable vaporizer!

However, its grip is very well adapted to the position of the fingers and fits perfectly in the hands. Moreover, its small nature, which makes it discreet, is its small weight of 230 grams. This combined feature made it mobile.

The Arizer Solo 2 device is well equipped and features a smaller weight than the Mighty. In addition, it feels incredibly comfortable in the hands as it has smooth curves.

Time used during heating

The Mighty One is so immediately usable. In terms of warm-up time as it hits 180 degrees Celsius in about 80 seconds, which isn't excessive. However, as aforementioned, the Arizer Solo 2 uses just 30 seconds to reach its maximum temperature, which is 220 degrees. The factor of heating time gives Arizer Solo an edge.

Ease of use

To turn on the Arizer Solo 2, you just press and hold the menu button and the up button. The screen will light up, and a timer will start counting in 6 seconds; when the timer reaches 0, the device will beep.

Then, a display will greet you with a friendly "Hello" and a face with a smile. After booting, the temperature selection screen appears, and you have to push the arrow buttons to adjust the desired temperature, and it will start heating automatically.

This is also the same with Mighty but with a few differences. First, the Mighty leaves 2 minutes to restart after a session for safety. The Mighty also vibrates when the temperature is reached and warns you with three small distant vibrations before it stops.

Even a novice can intuitively get away with using both devices the first time.


The choice of which to use is still confusing, even with a different price. The Arizer Solo 2 prices sit around $100-$140 while Mighty ranges between $320-$400.


The Arizer Solo 2 and Mighty are the best anyone could think of getting but placing one above the other depends on the user's perspective.

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