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If you’ve tried it out and liked the experience and you think you’re ready to invest in your dab rig, you need to learn as much as possible about rigs to ensure you make a sound purchase that will provide a continued pleasant experience. 

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What is a Dab Rig?

A dab rig is a unique device that vaporises concentrated extracts. It has a nail that gets heated, and when the herb concentrates or dabbing products are placed on it, the nail produces a vapour that you inhale.

Dab rigs resemble bongs in various ways, among them the overall design. However, dab rigs are much smaller and aren't designed to catch anything on fire. They are also more effective, which is why their popularity has skyrocketed in the recent past. 

How Does a Dab Rig Work?

Dab rigs work differently depending on the type of concentrate rig you choose. The most basic form of the rig incorporates a glass vapour slide, a 90-degree joint, a nail and a recycler.

The nail is the most crucial component of the dabbing process. Dabbing nails are made from different materials. What you pick is a personal preference, although each material has its pros and cons.

Some dab rigs feature a vapour dome that fits the nail. The dome prevents you from losing the concentrated vapour produced by the nail.

In some varieties, you will also find a recycler. The recycler provides a continuous loop of filtration that cools the water and vapour providing a smooth, cool inhale.

Parts of a Dab Rig

A basic dab rig should have the following parts:

  • Bong or water pipe – Like a bong, a dab rig needs a water pipe which is also called a bong. It allows the dab to cool the vapour as it travels through the chambers. It also filters the vapour before it reaches your lungs. You can use any bong or water pipe in your dab as long as it is compatible with your setup.
  • Nail – The nail is also called a banger. The nail or the banger is heated by the electric heat source or torch and vaporises the concentrates. Dab rig nails are made from various materials ranging from quartz, metal, or titanium. The benefits of choosing a nail made from each of the materials differ depending on your preference. Bangers have the same function as nails but are primarily made out of quartz. Unlike nails, bangers have a small bowl-like structure, but they work the same way as the nail.
  • Torch – The torch heats the nail or the banger. Depending on the type of dab rig, the torch can be propane or a butane torch. Electric rigs also use electric heat sources in place of a torch to heat the nail or the banger.
  • Dab tool – The Dab tool will not always come with the rig. You can purchase the dab tool separately. It’s often made out of metal and used to load and manipulate the concentrate. Although small, the tool is what you use to bring the concentrate in contact with the hot banger or nail.

These are the basic parts of a basic dab rig. But, if you opt for a dab rig with some bells and whistles, you will also come across options that feature:

  • E-nail – With an electric nail, you can skip the torch and the open flame. Electronic nails have an electric heating element that brings the nail up to the right temperature. You just need to plug the device into a wall outlet and turn it on.
  • Vapour dome – Also known as the vapour curve, the vapour dome is a more advanced derivative of the banger or nail. Vapour domes have a glass 'hood' that captures the vapour. They make it easier to take a dab and are more useful for beginners who haven't mastered the timing and want to limit the loss of concentrate vapour.

At Flawless Vaporizers, we have an extensive range of dab rigs designed for novices and experienced dabbers. For first-time dabbers, we also have dab kits that come with everything you need to enjoy your first delicious dab.

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