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CBD and disposable vapes are the hottest items on the market at the moment. Go CBD disposable vapes bring the two products in perfect synergy to deliver an amazing vaping experience in a portable, elegant and compact package.

Go CBD puff bars are perfect for CBD enthusiasts looking to add fun to their CBD routine and who want immediate effects. At Flawless Vape, we have an exceptional range of Go CBD puff bars that come in various flavours and just the right amount of CBD concentration to deliver the right taste and effects.

Go CBD Design and Performance

When it comes to vape devices, design is held in high regard, and Go CBD doesn’t disappoint. The puff bars have a clean design with smooth edges. The minimalist design makes the device look elegant without attracting too much attention. Everything is held inside a rectangular shell, delivering a compact device that can easily fit in any pocket or purse without creating a bulge.

Go CBD puff bars come in different colours depending on the flavour of the CBD liquid inside the disposable vape. There are a total of colours which represents 12 flavours. All the devices have a black top and bottom, which gives the device a nice contrast that is easy on the eye.

The device has no bumps or bulges, making it easy to carry around without fear of breaking something. Also, since this is a disposable device, you don't have to worry about removable parts.


The Go CBD puff is filled with 1.3ml of 150mg of CBD, which can produce up to 250 puffs or thereabout, depending on your vaping habits. Given its stature, the flavour production on the device is remarkable. The flavours are accurate, tantalising and something you would like to keep coming back to. Everything is well balanced, giving you a reason to try other flavours in the same line.

The vapour production is also top-notch. Not what you would expect from a sub-ohm device but definitely one of the better performances among disposable vapes.

The CBD strength is another noteworthy aspect of the Go CBD puff bars. Even with all the flavour and vapour, it’s hard to forget why you picked up the Go CBD puff bars. The CBD concentration is just right, and most people who’ve tried it say it delivers a clear mind and is well balanced. The CBD effects are potent and almost immediate, as you would expect with CBD vape products.

How It Works

The no-frills approach is one of the many reasons why they’ve become so popular. Go CBD puff bars aren’t any different. The device comes in an elegant package and is ready to use. Once you receive the device, please remove it from the packaging and remove it from the protective seal it comes inside by tearing the seal. Next, remove the rubber caps on both ends of the device to reveal the mouthpiece.

The device has no buttons and doesn’t require any setting up or charging. All that’s left is taking a draw to activate and turn on the device, and it will start producing flavour. We have a wide range of fruity flavours available, making it easy for CBD enthusiasts and vapers to choose one that appeals to them the most.

The kit is designed to be used until empty. So you don't have to worry about running out of charge before finishing the CBD juice inside. Also, Go CBD has used safe and food-grade ingredients in making CBD juice like propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, natural flavouring, and CBD isolate for the best vaping experience and CBD effects.

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