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Blue Moon Hemp is a brand dedicated to delivering great experiences by destigmatising hemp products and focusing its efforts on delivering amazing products with amazing experiences. Each of the products is made in line with the brand's strict quality assurance procedures and is thoroughly tested for quality, purity and performance.

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Blue Moon Hemp Product Range

Moon pod

The Blue Moon Hemp Pod is a high potency vape cartridge for your reusable vaporiser. It comes in one size of 100mg of CBD and three flavours. It's an excellent product for CBD lovers who are not ready to give up their love for vaping and don't want to purchase a new vape device yet.

Some of the notable features of the moon pod include:

  • CBD potency – The Blue Moon Hemp Moon pod has an ultra-high potency, which translates to 125mg/ml. It's an ideal pod for vapers that require high CBD concentrations. You can choose from the several available flavours to suit your taste. These are Flan, Kush and Red Devil.
  • Hemp source – Blue Moon Hemp is adamant about sourcing their hemp from the best quality hemp farms in the US to guarantee quality and ensure the hemp is organic. The hemp products are diligently sourced using proprietary technology isolates to remove unwanted compounds. The result is highly potent hemp extract.
  • Price and value – Moon Pods are reasonably priced and affordable, especially considering the amount and concentration you get with the pod. The quality of the pod and construction also make the pod more affordable.

Some of the benefits of the Moon Pods include:

  • THC-free – Moon pods are made using broad-spectrum hemp extract. It contains hundreds of phytochemicals found in hemp plants. However, it doesn't contain THC, which some CBD users prefer not to ingest, while some users also have THC sensitivities. Although the extract doesn’t contain THC, it has all the other cannabinoids and flavonoids which produce the entourage effect.

Moon Pod Battery

Blue Moon Hemp is courteous enough to provide CBD users with an extra battery for the Moon pod. The battery has a 350mAh battery providing you with hours of flavour-filled CBD vaping.

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