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Smoking herbs is an incredibly diverse experience. There are various strains available and numerous ways to smoke them. You can roll a joint, stuff a glass pipe, or use a bong. If you would like to use a more exotic device, you can consider using a bubbler, and we have the perfect variety for you.

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What is Bubbler Pipe?

A bubbler is a type of water pipe that shares some similarities with bongs and bowls. Bubblers are smaller than bongs and have the main chamber beneath the bowl pack that fills with water. They also feature the same built-in bowl and rush holes like hand pipes.

Like bongs, there are numerous types of bubblers. Some come with percolators, while others have longer necks and more intricate designs. The performance of the bubbler depends on the kind of bubbler you choose. At Flawless Vaporizers, you can browse through an extensive range of bubblers to find one that suits your preference and smoking style.

Hammer bubblers

Hammer bubblers are shaped like a hammer. They have a slanted base that is easy to distinguish. They sit with the mouthpiece holding most of the weight while the piece sits on a flat surface. Hammer bubblers have the thickest glass of all the bubbler designs and are quite popular. They are perfect for smokers who are always travelling. They are easy to clean and very affordable.

Sidecar bubblers

Like the hammer varieties, sidecar bubblers get their name from their shape. They have the main body that comprises the bowl, the rush hole and the water chamber. They also have the neck and mouthpiece mounted on the side of the main body of the bubbler.

Sidecar bubblers are best known for their stability, glass thickness which ensures durability, and they produce smoother smoke compared to other bubblers that don't have percolation. The most prominent benefit of using a sidecar bubbler is that it prevents splashback.

Double Bubblers

These have two chambers for water. The first one has a bowl pack. This allows for extra filtration through the second chamber. Most double bubblers come with the traditional bubbler design. But the two chambers make the bubbler look like a camel. The chambers also help the bubbler to remain more stable on flat surfaces. Because of the double chambers, the double bubbler is the second smoothest type of bubbler, right behind percolator bubblers.

Glass bubblers

Almost all bubblers are made from glass. But glass bubblers are made from a different type of glass - usually borosilicate glass. Glass bubblers are not affected by temperature changes. You can also find some varieties in our collection that are made from silicone, acrylic and ceramic.

Sherlock bubblers

Sherlock bubblers get their name from the wooden tobacco pipe that Sherlock Holmes used. The bubbler has a wide base that flows into a long and narrow neck. These pieces can be up to 8" long or longer. They offer superior cooling, but they are also easier to break if you don't handle them with care when cleaning.

Percolator bubblers

Like percolator bongs, percolator bubblers offer a smoother smoking experience. The design incorporates more hardware that filters and cools the smoke. They are the most expensive type of bubbler pipe in the market and also the smoothest.

They require delicate handling when cleaning, although they are made with thick glass and can last for a long time when appropriately handled. We have different subtypes under the percolator bubblers depending on the type of percolator used on the bubbler.  

Silicone Bubblers

These are a relatively new addition to the stoner scene but are making quite the impact. Most silicone bubblers are affordable and come with interchangeable bowl attachments. The attachments are made of quartz and come with lifetime warranties which is a big plus. There are tones of designs to choose from depending on your preference and budget. What makes silicone bubblers so appealing is that they are dishwasher safe.

Mini Bubblers

These are a smaller version of bubblers often used by stoners who travel a lot or value portability. Mini bubblers are harder to find in the market and are also harder to use because of their size. They are worth considering if you want something that is easy to conceal but is smoother than a one-hitter or a bowl. 

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