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Pipes are one of the oldest ways to enjoy dry herbs. They date back to 500 BC. They have provided indulgence, relaxation and calm for many years. The first types of pipes were the wooden pipes, which have a well-documented history. But like everything else, the pipes have evolved over the years and now include clay, porcelain and even metal smoking pipes.

Metal smoking pipes are the newest compared to the other types of smoking pipes. The pipes date back to 1936 when an American engineer started selling pipes with an aluminium stem and a briar bowl. This new type of pipe trapped moisture and cooled the smoke before it reached the mouth, making it more practical for pipe smokers, and cleaning was much easier.

Since then, metal pipes have come a long way. It's common to come across metal pipes with more and much better designs.

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Benefits of Metal Pipes

Metal pipes are unchartered for most smokers. Although unfamiliar largely because they have a mysterious negative reputation, metal pipes have many benefits.

Easy cleanup

There's no herb lover that loves cleaning their gear. It's tedious time-consuming, and in cases where the equipment is made from delicate materials like glass and ceramic, a cleaning session could mean a trip back to the store after breaking some of the parts.

You don't have to worry about any fragile parts with metal pipes. The pipes are simple to clean. You can get as aggressive as you want with the cleaning. Also, cleaning the pipes is straightforward. All it takes is soaking the pipe in alcohol to remove grime. You can detail the pipe to remove some of the stuck-on resin before buffing dry.


Unless you lose your metal smoking pipe, it could easily outlive you. There’s no beating a metal pipe. They are practically unbreakable. So much so that they have earned the nickname of “The Immortals.”

Metal pipes are not prone to breaking. Especially when they are crafted from high-quality materials like surgical-grade, chrome-plated brass. The pipes are safe and will serve you for a long time. What stands out with metal pipes is they age like fine wine taking a rustic look of tarnish or patina, so you don't have to worry about restoring the pipe.


 The design of metal pipes is highly advanced. It allows the pipe to tailor your smoking experience to your preferences. With some pipes, you can add some extra tools or a chamber to stock your stash. The pipe can also switch to a bong. This is not something you can find in glass or wooden pipes. Metal pipes go above and beyond what other smoking pipes can achieve.

Types of Metal Smoking Pipes

Metal smoking pipes come in a variety of sizes, designs and types. They are also made from different types of metals, each with varying benefits.


Brass has a long history of being used in smoking accessories. However, brass smoking pipes are somewhat rare to see in shops. Brass metal smoking pipes are sturdy and ideal for smoking. Brass has been used among smokers for an extended period without any challenges.

Copper smoking pipes

Copper smoking pipes are often associated with several challenges. Among them is that copper is an excellent conductor of heat, and without proper design, the pipe can get uncomfortably hot in a short time.

Also, cleaning copper requires caution. You shouldn't use something that is abrasive when cleaning the inside of the pipe. It is not good to inhale the bits of copper.

Anodised aluminium

Anodised aluminium is the most commonly used material for making metal pipes for several reasons. Aluminium has a superior thermal conductivity to glass and wood, making it more effective at cooling the smoke from the pipe.

Aluminium is also one of the safest materials on earth. It is vastly used in the food and health industry without any challenges. Aluminium is considered non-toxic, making it an excellent material for making smoking pipes.

Anodised aluminium, in particular, has been used in cookware, water purifiers, and medical devices. It is entirely safe.

If you're concerned about the materials used to make metal pipes, your best bet is to go for a metal pipe made from anodised aluminium.

Whether you're looking for durability, performance, or cost-effectiveness, metal smoking pipes offer it all in one package.  

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