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Bongs are a staple in the smoking world. There is something irresistible about the blend of vapour, herbs and water that appeals to all levels of smokers.

The percolator bong, fondly known as the 'Perc,' is easily the most revered and among our best-sellers at Flawless Vaporizers. Whether you're just starting or a seasoned smoker, you will love what percs have to offer.

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What is a Percolator Bong?

A percolator bong is any bong that filters smoke through water. Percolators also refer to the cooling and filtration feature using water pipes. The name comes from the classic bong rip sound produced as the smoke is diffused into tonnes of bubbles.

In addition to filtering the smoke, the water in a percolator bong also cools down the smoke to ensure you aren’t met with a harsh hit every time.

How Does a Percolator Bong Work?

If you have had a chance to use other bongs before, percs are not significantly different. The only difference is the introduction of water.

The bong has a bowl where you place the substance you want to smoke. Or, you can also drop it on the nail. Once you light it up, the substance creates a substantial amount of smoke that travels downstem, then up into the chamber.

Once the smoke is in the chamber, you can remove the bowl and inhale the smoke through the mouthpiece.

As you inhale, the smoke mingles with the water in the chambers. The result is a smooth, clean and cool smoke that has earned the percolator bong its fame.

Types of Percolator Bongs?

We stock dozens of different styles of percs. Although they function the same way and use the same principle, experienced hands have preferences, not to mention varying percolation power.

Tree percolator bongs

This is the most common perc bong design and the most basic. It was one of the very first types of percs created. It has a central tube connected to multiple downward facing branches that have slits that create rising bubbles.


From the name, you can guess the design of this percolator bong is inspired by the honeycomb. This is the most durable type of perc in the market featuring a honeycomb-shaped disk with holes that easily pull air through. It allows you to take massive hits.


Swiss percolator bongs are an eye-candy. They have holes that resemble Swiss cheese. They have a low drag on the inhale as the smoke passes the filtration. There's also another variation of the Swiss bongs with only one hole at the base of the bong called the Donut Percolator.


These are also called UFO bongs. They have a central disk with horizontally-aligned slits that allow air and smoke to pass through. Showerheads function the same way as the tree style but have a more intricate design


Matrix bongs have multiple disks that have both horizontal and vertical slits. They function the same way as UFOs but have a much cooler design.


This style of bongs has a simple and basic look. They are often a secondary feature added to the main perc. An inline perc is a horizontal tube with slits on the bottom for aeration and often sits under the main perc.


Turbine percs are a sight to behold when taking a bong rip. On the inhale, this style creates little whirlpools on the side of the glass courtesy of the horizontally placed turbines.

Diffused downstem

Diffused downstems have multiple slits at the bottom that improve airflow into the base of the bong. They are an excellent choice for novices looking to reduce the restriction that comes with using a straight glass downstem option.

Fritted disc

These are more effective than honeycombs. They are made from coarse glass particles bonded together, forming thousands of tiny holes. They come in many forms, including discs and ball shapes, and are ideal for adventurous smokers.


This is a unique style that flips the concept of percolators. The smoke in these percs has to flow around shapes moulded into the glass instead of holes.

Benefits of Percolator Bongs

Percolator bongs offer more than style and diversity. They also extend unique benefits to the smoker. These include:

  • The water in the percolator acts as a sieve removing large contaminants from the smoke. Some of these contaminants include cytotoxins, which might impact immune cells. The efficiency of this feature is noticeable when using a percolator.
  • Percolators cool the smoke preventing harsh hits for users. This means less coughing when smoking and a better overall user experience.
  • Percs allow you to take faster rips because the smoke is condensed, allowing you to take more hits.

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