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When using dry herbs, you never want to lose the slightest bit of your product. More so, the pollen is highly potent and packs quite the punch. That is why you should always have a pollen catcher attached to your grinder.

Most advanced grinders like the 4-piece grinder have a pollen catcher attached to the grinder. But, if you already have a grinder that doesn’t have a pollen catcher, you can buy a pollen catcher and add it to the grinder instead of buying the entire setup.

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What is a Pollen Catcher?

A pollen catcher is also popularly known as the kief catcher. Kief comes from the Arabic word “Kayf," which means pleasure or well-being. It is a highly revered product in the herb world.

The pollen of dry herbs comprises crystal-like formations that form at the tip of the resin glands of the trichomes. They are sticky, white, hair-like strands often covering the herb. Pollen has a potent concentration of terpenes that can enhance and moderate the effects of the cannabinoids in dry herbs.

With a pollen catcher, you can trap all this goodness after using your grinder. The pollen catcher is a device that attaches to your existing grinder and traps the pollen as it falls through the other chambers because it is finer.

How Does a Pollen Catcher Work?

The function of a pollen catcher is simple – to catch pollen. It sits at the bottom of a multi-chamber herb grinder. Without a pollen catcher, the finest particles, which are pollen, never get to live out their full potential.

 The function of the pollen catcher Is to collect these particles, which form a powdery substance of highly effective herb that you can use to add a punch to your next bowl or joint. You can also use the pollen to create potent edible treats or produce a premium, top-shelf vape experience.

Benefits of Using a Pollen Catcher

There are various reasons why you should start using a pollen catcher if you’re not already using one. Without a pollen catcher, you lose at of the pollen as it gets pressed into the surface of the grinder, so you never enjoy the fun of smoking them.

As the pollen is pressed into the surface of the grinder, it causes a build-up which makes the grinder sticky, and eventually, you have to wash it. When you wash it, you're flashing the pollen down the drain. You're not only losing the experience but also losing money because the pollen is one of the reasons you paid for the premium herbs.

A pollen catcher will not only ensure you get the full value of your money, but it will also keep your grinder cleaner, save you some time, and when you have enough collected, you can experience the next level of enjoyment of your herb.

Every herb lover should consider investing in a pollen catcher to maximise their experience and ensure they get the most out of every grain of herb that goes into their grinder.

Tips on How to Use Pollen Catchers

It’s not enough to have a pollen catcher. You have to ensure you use it to its maximum potential. That’s why you need a few tips to ensure you increase its efficiency and increase your yield.

Tip 1

Always tap the sides of your grinder after grinding. It shakes and loses the smallest particles from the screens and teeth of the grinder, so they filter down to the pollen catcher. It is a small gesture that can dramatically increase your yield.

Tip 2

Use a toothbrush to scrape the screens and teeth of each of the chambers in your grinder after every couple of uses or when you notice any build-up. Ensure the screens always remain clear to allow for herbs and pollen to pass through without any hindrances. Keeping your grinder clean will substantially increase the amount of pollen you collect.

Tip 3

Never leave your grinder out where it can be knocked over. Also, you shouldn’t leave the top off. Without proper precaution, you could end up losing weeks or months of collected kief in one unfortunate moment. Always keep the top cover of your grinder on to protect your stash.

 Tip 4

Insert a clean coin in the second chamber of your grinder. If it’s s four-part grinder, the coin goes in the third chamber. Ensure you clean the coin using alcohol before placing it in the grinder to ensure it’s not carrying dirt, germs and oil into your herb. The coin helps to ensure the herb doesn’t stick on the screens and facilitates how the herb moves through the entire system. After inserting the coins, shake the grinder a little to knock off the pollen holding on to the screens and the teeth.

Tip 5

Place your grinder in the freezer after each use. The cold metal is more effective at shaking pollen loose and ensuring it doesn't stick to the components of the grinder. After the grinder is frozen, tap it a few times too shall the particles loose. However, it's not recommended to store your grinder in the freezer because it will increase moisture in your herb.

Tip 6

It can be tempting to grind a big batch and slowly enjoy it. However, it's more recommended to grind herbs in small batches to maximise the amount of pollen collected. When you grind big batches, there is less room in the grinder to sift the particles properly. Therefore, there is less pollen collected.

How to Use a Pollen Catcher

The whole point of using a pollen catcher is to collect pollen. But what do you do with the pollen once collected? Well, there are multiple ways you can enjoy your patiently collected pollen like;

  • Use the pollen to roll a joint. It is the most common method of enjoying pollen.
  • Turn the pollen into hash by heating it slightly and pressurising it into a tightly packed block.
  • You can also use the pollen to make edibles. The most commonly made edibles are cookies that make sweet and savoury treats.

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