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Orange County CBD is a UK-based CBD wellness company with its roots firmly planted in California, USA. It's one of the most accomplished CBD brands worldwide and has featured in numerous publications, including online newspapers.  

The brand has an impressive range of CBD products to ensure you get the best possible CBD experience.

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About Orange County CBD

Orange County CBD was founded in 2019 by two friends after taking an eye-opening trip to Golden State, California. The intention of the brand was to bring the best quality hemp products for the most effective results.

The brand has grown into an international powerhouse through innovation and diversity in a few short years. Most of the brand’s success is attributed to its stringent quality control measures. Orange County only uses the best quality CBD that is organically grown and bathed in the California sun.

Industry-leading extraction methods are used to preserve the purity and quality of the CBD in a state-of-the-art facility in strict adherence to the CTA guidelines. The products are taken for third-party lab testing before hitting the shelves to ensure buyers have complete confidence in the products and inspire transparency.

Orange County CBD Products

Orange County is dedicated to providing CBD lovers with their favourite CBD products. The brand has several CBD products in its name, which include;

CBD oil

The Orange County CBD oil is a light blend of full-spectrum CBD oil. It has an excellent, grassy and hempy taste to it that assures you you're taking the real deal, but it's not overwhelming or unpleasant. The CBD oil comes in 1500mg CBD concentration which for most CBD users is more than enough to meet their demand.

There are other varieties of CBD oils that vary in CBD strength. Most of these are unflavoured. But if you’re the CBD lover that likes a little flavour in everything, Orange County also has several flavoured CBD oil tinctures. Available flavours at the moment include apple, mint and wild cherry.

CBD Capsules and supplements

Orange County CBD capsules and supplements are enclosed in gel capsules. Like CBD oil, the capsules contain full-spectrum CBD. These are excellent for CBD users who don't want flavours in their CBD oil and don't want to deal with the natural flavour of CBD at the same time.

The Orange County CBD capsules are easy to dose because they come pre-packed with varying amounts of CBD depending on the type of CBD capsule you select.

Available options include 450mg, 900mg, and 1000mg. Depending on the preferred variety, the capsules are packed with varying amounts of CBD, making it easy to determine how much CBD you’re taking.

CBD Creams and Balms

CBD creams and balms are excellent topical options that provide nourishment and targeted relief. Orange County’s range of CBD topical products includes;

  • Bath bombs – Orange County bath bombs comprise indulgent topical ingredients that will give you a relaxing bath at the end of an exhausting day and relieve all the tension. The bath bombs are also infused with 150mg of CBD to guarantee optimum relaxation and soothing of your skin.
  • Collagen face cream – You can give your skin a younger and more uplifting appearance with the collagen CBD face cream. The cream is formulated to soothe your skin. It has the most highly regarded topical ingredients backed with the power of CBD and plumping collagen. The cream works even for sensitive skin.
  • Muscle and joint rub – For the active CBD lovers that often battle muscle and joint pain, this muscle and joint rub is just what you need. It comes in 50 ml packages with up to 1000mg of CBD.

What Makes Orange County CBD Stands Out

The greatest struggle CBD brands have is trying to stand out and remain unique among their customers. Orange County has made quality and innovativeness its trademarks.

Award-winning brand

The brand has received numerous awards and recognitions for its top-quality products. Its range of CBD awards includes the Best CBD tincture in 2021, Best CBD Vape, Best CBD Brand, Best CBD Edibles and product of the years.

The numerous awards indicate the quality and outstanding range of products that Orange County CBD offers.


Orange County takes its CBD products a little more seriously than most CBD brands. From sourcing for CBD to extraction and the packaging. Everything is thoughtfully put together to deliver the best experience to CBD users and instil confidence in its products.


Third-party lab testing is a critical aspect of the transparency process of making CBD products. Orange County CBD products are thoroughly tested and the lab results are available on the website for CBD users to see before committing to Orange County CBD products.

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