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Straight bongs are known for their simplicity and reliability. They are fairly straightforward and most only feature a design from one straight tube of blown glass. We stock straight tube bongs of various sizes with varying features, including percolators, ice catchers, or diffuse downstems. 

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What is a Straight Tube Bong?

As the name suggests, a straight tube bong features one straight tube where the smoke travels straight up the tube into the mouthpiece and into your lungs. The straight tube has a bowl on one side and a carburettor on the other that helps to create suction. This bong design is best known for its minimal drag and effort, making it ideal for smokers that like taking massive drags.

Although straight bongs are simple, they are easily customisable. You can add percolators or ice catchers to maximise the effectiveness of the bong.

Straight Tube Bong Features

Straight tube bong designs have a simple design with several features. Most of these features are also found in other types of bongs.

  • Bowl attachments – The bowl attachment holds your dry herbs. At Flawless Vaporizer, we carry various types of bowl attachments that can go with this and other bong designs include those made of quartz or borosilicate glass.
  • Slides – The slide is a small piece of glass that connects the downstem to the joint of the bong. Going for a bong with a two-piece downstem makes cleaning, accessorising and smoking easier.
  • Diffused downstem – This is a critical part of all bongs and the straight tube bong as well. It attaches to the glass bowl inside the slide. It carries the smoke through the water to facilitate filtration and diffusion. We also have straight tube bongs that don’t have a diffused downstem. The difference between the two is that diffused downstems have slits at the bottom.
  • Mouthpiece – This is an essential part of all bongs. It's the place where you take your rips from.

In addition to these features, you can also pair your straight tube bong with several additions that would take the bong to the next level. These include:

  • Ice catches – Most of the larger bongs in our collection come with ice catches. These are exciting additions that make smoking the bong an excellent experience.
  • Ash catchers – Despite their crucial role, most bongs don’t include ash catchers unless you’re buying a premium design. Ash catchers ease the process of cleaning the bong while adding a bit of cooling and filtration to smoke before it enters the main chamber.
  • Percolators – These are glass attachments incorporated into the design of the bong, or you can purchase them as bong accessories. They help to filter and cool the smoke even more by running it through multiple sections of water.

How Does a Straight Tube Bong Work?

Most bongs work the same way despite the varying designs and accessories. For straight tube bongs, you start by filling the bong with water followed by packing the bowl with the dry, ground herb.

Once the bowl is packed, you can light the bowl and inhale to fill the bong with smoke. You can then pull the bowl to take a hit.

At Flawless Vaporizer, we do more than provide you with quality straight tube bongs. We understand that some smokers value their personalities. That is why we go out of our way to ensure we provide you with many unique designs and finishes, so you can find a bong that not only delivers an incredible smoking experience but also appeals to your personality and style.

In addition to straight bongs, we also stock various other bongs, including beaker bongs, percolator bongs, glass bongs and so many more. 

How To Use a Straight Tube Bong 

Straight tube bongs are among the easiest to use, even for first-timers. Here's a quick guide on who you can enjoy your first draw from a bong.

  • Fill the bong with water – Once you have the bong, the first step is to fill it up with water just until it covers the downstem. You don’t want to overfill and underfill. There will be repercussions in either case.
  • Place the bowl and the downstem – If you didn’t have the downstem in place already, slide it in and also have the bowl in place. Pack the bowl with your herb and light it up.

Benefits of Straight Tube Bongs 

On the surface, straight tube bongs appear simple. But they pack tonnes of benefits that most smokers will find irresistible.

Improved smoke filtration

On its own, this design has reduced smoke filtration because it has a low water holding capacity. But it makes up for this by offering more opportunities for enhancing smoke filtration, like stacking various percolators and other devices through the canal. This transforms the simple device into a fancy and effective smoke filter.

Perfect for all levels of users

It’s hard to say that one type of bong is perfect for all types of users. But the straight tube bong is. On its own, it makes an ideal bong for starters who are looking for something simple but effective and allows for massive draws.

With the additional features, the bong becomes a sophisticated piece of equipment that delivers the best smoke filtration and cooling that only experts are accustomed to.

Straight Tube Bong Materials

Like other types of bongs, straight tube bongs are made from various materials, which include:


Glass is the most commonly used type of material for straight tube bongs. It has the cleanest and the purest taste. It doesn't impact the flavour of the smoke in any way, allowing you to enjoy your herb in its most natural form. The transparent nature of glass also makes it easy to spot gunk and resin build up inside the glass. Although glass bongs are the most popular, they are often a premium option and require delicate handling because they are fragile.


Plastic is the second most commonly used material for bongs. Most straight bongs are made from acrylic, which has many similarities to glass and is more durable. It doesn't break when dropped. Plastic bongs are more affordable than other materials, and they are lightweight, making them perfect for smokers who travel often. On the downside, plastic bongs influence the flavour of the smoke.


Ceramic bongs are not very common, probably because they are quite heavy and pretty fragile. They make an excellent royalty piece but may not be the ideal straight tube bong to use daily. One thing ceramic bongs have going for them is the many different shapes, sizes and colours they come in. They are easy to work with, and bong crafters can do more than just create average straight tube bongs.

Ceramic bongs are slightly more expensive than their plastic counterparts. Although you might not use the bong daily, it is the perfect bong to pull out on a special occasion. Even as a décor piece.


Many of the first bongs were made from bamboo. Over the years, bamboo bongs have not changed much, and the straight tube bong retains its spot as the most practical in this list. They still have the same tubular shape, although some creative minds now add some metal garnish and decorative paintings to make the bongs stand out more.

Because bamboo is extremely durable, it makes an excellent material for a long-term piece. Unfortunately, bamboo bongs are not very popular.


 It's rare to find a straight tube bong or any type of bong, for that matter, made out of metal. Although they last long and are affordable, metal can change the taste of smoke, it's heavy, and it's hard to tell how clean the bong is.

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