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Vape pens, vapour pens, pen-style vapes, or vaporizer pens, there's no shortage of classy names for this elegant vape device.

Vaporizer pens are one of the most famous devices among vapers regardless of experience level or style. Most vapers are either die-hard fans of vape pens or have gone through vape pens before finding their sweet spot.

Being an experienced player in the vaping world, Flawless Vaporizers understands that there’s no complete vaping experience without trying vape pens. That is why we have a wide selection of vape pens for all kinds of vapers.

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What Is A Vaporizer Pen?

From the name, you can deduce that this device has something to do with a pen. Vaporizer pens are pen-shaped vaporizers. They are compact, cylindrical and often look like a pen. They are highly portable and perfect for on-the-go and discrete vaping.

Some vape pens are as slim as regular pens, while others are larger. These devices occupy their own category between basic e-cigs and box-mods.

Although the design is often similar, the vaporizer pen features often differ depending on the model and manufacturer. There are entry-level options with simplistic features suited for beginners, and others pack cutting-edge technology for advanced users.

Components of a Vape Pen

Vaporizer pens are diverse in their feature range and design. While some pack plenty of bells and whistles, they all have the same basic components and function more or less the same way. Some of the core components of a vaporizer pen include:

  • Battery – Vaporizer pens are battery-powered. Almost all of them are fitted with lithium-ion batteries. The batteries are rechargeable with varying charge-holding capacities. You can match the battery to your vaping habits. For intense vapers, you need a vape pen with a strong and long-lasting battery.
  • Tank – The tank in vape pens is constructed from either glass, polycarbonate plastic, or stainless steel. It is used to hold the e-liquid. In some vaporizer pen designs, the tank is replaced by a refillable or disposable cartridge. For vape pens that use a tank, it’s important to note that you can’t pair any tank with your vape pen. When purchasing, ensure you consider the compatibility of the tank if you’re buying the parts separately.
  • Atomizer – The atomizer is the heating element that vaporises the liquid. Atomizers are made from different coil materials and construction designs with the aim of achieving varying results. Some designs maximise could production while others improve the flavour profile.
  • Mouthpiece – This is where you inhale the vapour from your device. Some vaporizer pens have mouthpieces made from different materials, colours and designs to appeal to your taste.
  • Additionals – Besides these basic components, you will also find vape pens that have sensors, buttons, displays, lights and some are draw-activated. These are additional features that help to improve the vaping experience.

Benefits of Using Vaporizer Pens

A quick look at the numerous benefits that vape pens offer explains why these devices continue to take over the vaping world. Some of the benefits of using a vape pen are:


There are different types of vape pens that make it easier for beginners to adapt. The pre-filled and disposable options are perfect for novices. You can then graduate to the refillable tanks. Although slightly different, these work the same way as the disposable options.

Low maintenance

Vapour pens are easy to maintain. The more advanced ones might need coil cleaning and replacement once in a while, but that is all there is to them.


Everything about vapour pens screams portability. They are lightweight and compact, and you can slip them into your pocket. Some are small enough to fit in your hand. They make the perfect companion for vapers like vaping on-the-go or those who are always on the road.


Using a vaporizer pen is quite affordable. Once you make the initial purchase, the running and maintenance costs are minimal. What's more, there are vape pens for all budgets while delivering a high-quality experience.

How to Use A Vapour Pen

If it’s your first time using a vape pen, here is a step by step guide that will help you make the most out of it while looking like a pro!

  • Start by ensuring the vape pen is fully charged.
  • If your pen has a tank, open the tank and fill it with your preferred vape juice. If it's a pre-filled option, you can skip this step.
  • After filling the tank, assemble the pen. It's a quick and straightforward process that shouldn't take more than a few minutes.
  • If the pen is button-activated, push the button to power on the device. For draw-activated models, draw on the mouthpiece.

Types of Vaporizer Pens

Our selection of vaporizer pens features various types of vaporizer pens for varying applications.

Dry herb vaporizer pens

Dry herb vaporizer pens are excellent for cannabis lovers. The pens come with various features suited for vapers of different vaping experiences. Dry herb vaporizer pens are compact, lightweight, with a stainless steel chamber for heating the herb. The vaporizer pens are affordable and perfect for vapers who are constantly on the road.

Concentrate vaporizer pens

Concentrate vaporizer pens are also called wax pens or dab pens. They allow for the portable vaping of wax oils. Like dry herb vaporizer pens, concentrate vape pens are an excellent way to enjoy wax on the fly. The pens are pen-shaped with powerful batteries that deliver large-sized vapor clouds. Our selection of concentrate vaporizer pens features affordable and premium options to suit all budgets and types of vapers.

E-liquid vaporizer pens

E-liquid vaporizer pens are an excellent solution for transitioning vapers. These vaporizer pens are used together with an e-liquid that contains nicotine. Smokers can use the e-juice vaporizer pen to wean themselves off nicotine addiction by gradually reducing the nicotine concentration in the vape liquids.

What To Look For in Vaporizer Pen

When buying a vaporizer pen, there are numerous factors to consider. Sometimes, the sheer quantity of factors to consider can feel overwhelming. Here are some of the primary factors and features you should consider to ensure you buy the right device.

Vaping preferences

Vapers are not built equal. Each vaper has their preferences. Some prefer vapour purity, while others focus on the flavours. Vapers that value vapour purity should consider vaporizer pens with convection heating.

What you will be smoking

From the list of types of vape pens, you can see there are different vaporizer pens used for different substances. Typically, you cannot use one vaporizer pen to vape different materials. The pen will either fail or produce a subpar experience when used for a different material other than what it is designed for. It’s important to carefully consider what you will be vaping before settling for any vaporizer pen.


Our vast collection of vape pens comes at different budgets. We have budget-friendly options for new vapers, and we also have premium options that attract high price tags for experienced vapers that want nothing but the best. Regardless of your budget, rest assured that you will find the perfect vaporizer pen on Flawless Vaporizers to match your budget and needs.

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