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If you’re a herb lover and you like vaping, a dab pen gives you the best chance to merge both of your passions together. Like other vaping devices, dab pens are also getting a lot of attention for their functionality and also as a fashion statement.

There are plenty of dab pens in the market and if you intend to purchase one, it’s vital to know as much as possible about the device to guarantee excellent performance and experience.

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What is a Dab Pen?

Dab pens are specially designed vaporizers designed for vaping cannabis concentrates instead of the traditional e-liquids or herbs.

A regular dab pen has the following parts:

  • Atomiser – The atomiser is the component where the dab material is placed for heating. An atomiser keeps the dabbing material from coming into contact with the heating coil. In the atomiser, the material burns slowly and has a better taste. The main role of the atomiser is to conserve the material.
  • Coils – The coil generates heat energy that heats the dab materials and converts them from a liquid into vapour form.
  • Mouthpiece – The mouthpiece is for inhaling the vapour.
  • Battery – The dab pen needs a power source to heat up the coil. The battery provides the required amount of power to get the pen working.

How Does a Dab Pen Work?

Operating a dab pen is rather simple and straightforward. For the best performance and experience, you need to keep in mind that the consistency of the dab should be thin enough to be vaporised upon heating without burning it.

Here are a few steps on how you can start using your dab pen:

  • Get the dab pen out of the packaging. Most of the pens come ready and don’t require any assembly.
  • Open the pen and place the dab into the atomiser.
  • The dab is heated and melts down onto the wick where it is vaporised.
  • Using the mouthpiece, you can draw in the vapour.

Dab Pens Vs. Vape Pens

Dab pens and vape pens are similar in a lot of ways but also have several differences. The general design of vape pens makes them ideal to vape various traditional e-liquids of various compositions and consistencies. Dab pens on the other hand only work with dabs. Some dab pens might try to tread the line and work for e-liquids as well but they don’t work nearly as well as vape pens with e-liquids.

What To Consider When Buying a Dab Pen 

If you’re not sure of the specific device you should purchase for dabbing, or it’s your first time buying a dab pen, there are a few factors you need to consider that will help you select the best possible device that will not disappoint.


The material used to make a dab pen says a lot about the device, its longevity, durability and portability. Some of the areas you should focus on when considering the type of material used to make the dab pen is the plate.

The most efficient dab pens are made from ceramic plates. Ceramic plates add durability and increase the efficiency of heating.

When choosing the dab pen, consider options with a good finish and made from good external materials that are able to stand the test of time.

A simple test to conduct is to check when the material used to make the pen remains cold even when the pen is heating the dab.


Dab pens are designed for mobile users and portability is key. It’s not something you should overlook and it should rank high on your priority list.

When considering portability, the size and weight of the device are the most scrutinised. But you also need to check the quality to ensure the device can withstand the bumps and knocks that come with moving from place to place.

Battery life

Battery life can affect the performance and portability of the dab pen. The battery of the dab pen should be strong enough to last you several draws. If you’re not an avid dabber, it should easily last you an entire day.

Charging options

Most conventional dab pens will only come with a USB charger. Over the years, technology has changed and some of the devices now come with various alternate charging methods allowing you to use multiple power sources.

The most common are car adapters and wall outlet chargers. The more the charging options you have the more convenient the device is and the longer the device can serve you.


Finally, you will need to consider what accessories the device comes with. Additional accessories can make the maintenance of your device easier and take your experience to the next level. Some of the accessories that can change your dabbing experience include glass water pipes or a globe glass attachment.  

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