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Connoisseurs will easily concur that finding good quality herbs is one of the hardest things. Because production isn't tightly regulated, sellers can advertise their product, but most users find out the hard way that it isn't as advertised.

A grow box is the solution you need to start growing your own herb even when you don’t have the convenience of a backyard. With a grow box, you can cultivate your herb indoors and control all growth factors to your preference.

What is a Grow Box?

A grow box is an enclosure that provides a self-contained environment for the growth of plants. As you can see from our grow box collection at Flawless Vaporizers, grow boxes come in various shapes and sizes. The sheer variety caters to both small, medium and heavy users. Although most grow boxes are designed with indoor cultivation in mind, some types can be used outdoors.

Why Should You Use Grow Boxes?

A grow box helps you grow your desired quality of marijuana with the least challenges possible. Grow boxes offer several merits that are often overlooked in the growth of plants and particularly the plants.

Benefits of a Grow Box

Energy efficiency

Grow boxes are designed with energy efficiency in mind. The confined space ensures the energy produced is fully utilised by the plants maximising the gardening yield without breaking the bank with state-of-the-art grow lights that waste most of the light.

Reduces odours

A grow box allows proper circulation of air, reducing the strong smell that plants produce. What's more, grow boxes can effectively trap the smell and filter the air through the filtration system reducing the nuisance and inconvenience that indoor growth can have on the neighbours.

Circulation of fresh filtered air

Air and, in particular, carbon IV oxide is critical to the growth of your indoor plants. Without proper circulation of air, your plants will grow weak and feeble. Our range of grow boxes can help in circulating the air exceptionally well, ensuring robust and vibrant growth of the plants even though they are being grown indoors.

Most grow box varieties have an integrated system that takes carbon IV oxide-rich air from outside and brings it inside the box for plant use. The box has a carbon filter that simultaneously filters the air from inside the box, removes the odour, and disperses the scent-free air outside the box.

Better Pest control

Having an indoor garden doesn't make the plants immune to pest infestations. Spider mites, aphids and flies are some of the insects that can damage your crop. A grow box creates a safeguard that protects the produce from these bugs and other pests using its unique closed design. Although you can't completely prevent the infestation, a grow box gives your greater control and a higher prevention level.

Exceptional lighting

Grow boxes are lined with reflective materials that maximise the use of the lights inside the box. When you turn on the grow light, the reflectors redirect it to the plants. This ensures improved plant growth while reducing lighting requirements.

Systems Inside a Grow Box

Grow boxes are carefully designed systems designed to maximise the growth and quality of your crop. The boxes come with various systems built-in:

  • Drip systems – Most grow boxes in our collection come with a drip system. These are small containers filled with a growth solution and a pipe system hooked up to timers and pressure compensators. The drip system ensures the plants have the right amount of growth solution for every plant, minimising waste and increasing sustainability.
  • Nutrient film – This is a shallow tray that is filled with a nutrient solution. The plants are gently suspended over the tray and there’s a small pipe that keeps the roots of the suspended plants supplied with the nutrient solution. The pipes also provide the roots with water, air and other required nutrients.
  • Drain-to-waste – This is among the most sustainable grow box systems. With this system, you can provide your plants with more than enough nutrients. The nutrients that the plants can’t use are collected by a container placed underneath each plant.
  • Aeroponics – Of all the grow box systems, aeroponics is the most advanced. It comprises pressurised mist dispensers that disperse nutrient-rich mist intermittently inside the grow box.

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