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If you’ve been around the vaping circles for some time, it’s impossible not to have heard about Dotmod. This vaporiser company was formed in 2015 with the mission and vision to make high-end vaporisers to the market. The brand considers itself the gold standard or elegant, finely designed vaping products, and they have a product line that stands for itself.

In a short time, Dotmod has designed and manufactured up to 51 Dotmod products. The variety includes regulated mods, squonk mods and mech mods. There are also several rebuildable atomisers as well as sub-ohm units.

Dotmod has a separate line of vaporisers called the Limited Edition for the hard to impress vapers, which features a cubic-zirconia encrusted mech mod called the DotBling. Most of the products that Dotmod offers are best suited to the more experienced vapers, and Dotmod isn’t shy of saying as much.

However, in an effort to cross-sell and reach out to new markets, Dotmod also released the AIO Dotmod, which became an instant hit among vapers new and seasoned. It's a compact and easy-to-use unit that allows new vapers to enjoy the design and excellent that Dotmod offers.

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Dotmod Product Line

Dotmod has a vast range of devices for vapers with varying experiences. The devices are categorised into four groups, each with a unique selection of devices that appeal to a specific class of vapers. Using this approach, Dotmod has ensured it has something for everyone.


This is the flagship device for this range of vaporisers. It was the first device Dotmod designed for beginner vapers with just enough features to give you control of your vaping experience without making things complicated.

The DotAIO has a 2ml tank and replaceable coils. The atomiser section is spring-loaded, so you don’t need tools to remove the tank and replace the coils. For adjustability, the device has four power settings (very soft, soft, medium and strong). These are designed to fit your preference and ensure you get the best vaping performance.

The device is compatible with various coil resistances ranging from 0.3 to 1.6ohm and can also work with Aspire Nautilus coils using the adapter that comes with the device.

DotAIO Mini

An all-in-one vaporiser that comes in a small form factor for vapers looking for an easy to operate and portable device. It is ideal for both MTL and DTL vapers and delivers the perfect balance of airflow and power.

The device comes with an easy-to-remove 2.0ml tank, changeable coils and a spring-loaded contact under the tank section for easy removal. The device offers four power settings based on the coil resistance to provide a more customised vaping experience for the best performance. Other notable features include dry burn protection and a power 18350 battery.


The DotAIO V2 offers everything the original DotAIO offers and some nifty upgrades to make a fantastic platform that you will love. Some of the updates you get to enjoy on the DotAIO V2 include the fully adjustable wattage up to 75W. It also comes with a stealth mode, colour changing display and a new system that works with the original DotAIO tank.

The DotAIO V2 also has a coloured LCD screen that makes it easy to view all your settings. It is still paired with the 2ml tank with a child-proof fill port, but the airflow base is new. The power settings are still the same from the initial model and you have four options to choose from but the V2 has added a couple of modes that include auto mode, bypass and temperature control modes. The battery has also received a slight upgrade and this model now comes with a 18650 battery instead of the 18350 in the previous two models.

Regulated Mods

For the more experienced vapers who prefer to have more advanced devices that give you more control and better performance, Dotmod as regulated mods. This line features an impressive selection of mods with amazing features engineered for performance and stunning looks.

Dotbox 220W

The Dotbox 220W is the successor to the Dotbox 200W, which became an instant hit among vapers. Dotmod decided to keep most of the design and performance aspects from the predecessor and make slight changes that gave the Dotbox 220W a more modern feel with better performance.

This device features a sleek anodised aluminium chassis with a centrally located 510 connector allowing you to use any atomiser with up to 25mm in diameter.

The device has a powerful battery and innovative modes that allow you to customise your vaping experience however you want.

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