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Arizer has built a reputation as one of the most reliable dry herb manufacturers on the market. They have a selection of products that range from mini vaporizers to home vaporizer systems.

Arizer is highly regarded among herb vaporiser enthusiasts, and for good reason. The brand has well-designed vapes that vapers have raved about for years. The vaporisers are easy to clean and maintain. They use the latest design features like glass-heating pathways to deliver the best flavour and exceptional performance.

Arizer doesn’t have the most versatile selection of vaporisers. But, each of the devices is carefully designed with specific users in mind ensuring they cover almost every dry herb vaper with their limited options.

Arizer has been a pioneer in the vape business for more than a decade, having been founded in 2005. They continue to wow the vape industry with cutting-edge technology and design that elevates vaping to new heights.

Despite having a large number of competitors, they have managed to maintain its popularity. Arizer's multi-purpose aromatherapy devices assist to energize, stimulating, refreshing and calming the body and mind. For over 15 years, their pioneering designs have continued to set the bar and improve industry standards by combining quality, simplicity, ease of use, and cultivated elegance.

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Why choose Arizer?

  • They have been proven to be most people's all-time favourite in terms of taste, the convenience of use, and cleaning.
  • Arizer is a vaporizer company based in Canada, noted for its high-quality devices with stunning aesthetics and excellent vapour production because of its glass mouthpieces and convection heating.

We keep an eye out for the best, which is why this great brand is part of our collection. See what people are saying about their range of products:

Argo: This wins because of its stealthy small size, excellent battery life, USB direct charging, pleasant flavour, and ease of usage. Still, the finest in class for on-the-go users, the build quality earns maximum respect.

Air: the miracle of engineering. Everything is built to operate properly from the ground up. The walkway is entirely made of glass, which is stunning. This machine is by far the simplest to keep clean by popular opinion, and it has the solid and trustworthy feel of a precision instrument.

If you want attractive drawings, good taste, and a good firm, go for Arizer Air. It's a joy to come across a product from a company that's so amazing.

 Air II: all hail the latest edition of the Arizer Air, a vaporizer that we adore, has been reinvigorated by adding an OLED screen with a simpler interface and enhancing some of its critical functionalities over the previous model.

One of the longest-lasting vapes from Arizer.This is the vape you need if you want a long-lasting vape with good draw and durability.

Solo II: This vaporizer is rather great in terms of performance and build. Users enjoy it because the glass gives the impression that it is outside. 

Extreme Q:  It hasn't been able to create those lovely white vape packs in the previous two months.  The excelling product in cloud production and pleasant flavours deliver unmatched taste at lower temperatures.

V Tower: This one is well worth the money. It's simple to use and clean, and the herb lasts longer than cigarettes. This product comes highly recommended by us.

Arizer Product Range

Arizer has been developing dry herb vaporisers for years. With each design, the brand has only improved to deliver exceptional performance with time. Their current lineup is a mix of ingenious engineering, designing, and years of listening to customer feedback and reviews to deliver the perfect vaping experience. Arizers range of vaporisers includes:

Arizer Argo

The Arizer Argo is a portable vaporiser with hybrid heating. The design of the device is extremely compact and features a replaceable battery system that gives the user access to adjustable temperature features.

The device has a variety of features that have received nothing but stellar reviews. The ArGo is easily one of the best portable vaporisers in the market released in the last couple of years. It houses everything you need from a portable vaporiser. It has a sturdy design that can withstand the knocks and hits that come with being a portable device.

It is capable of delivering a smooth vaping experience that you will definitely love. The introduction of the ArGo was eagerly awaited, considering all the previous devices that Arizer had released were for desktop use.

Arizer Air II

The Arizer Air II is another portable hybrid vaporiser that uses convection and conduction heating. The Air II is a new and more improved version of the Air I. it works on most of the kinks and drawbacks of the older model.

Some of the improvements include the size, a new battery system and better overall functionality. The Air II offers 50% longer battery life and has custom sessions that are added to its functionality. With the new Arizer Air II, you can lock your favourite settings for repeated use. These new features have not significantly affected the size of the device, which largely remained untouched.

The Arizer Air II is perfect for dry herb vapers that want a sturdy portable vaporiser with superb performance, mostly for home use. The Air II comes with the option of adding some attachments for enhanced functionality. Overall, it is a more powerful, longer-lasting device with a sleeker and more modern design.

Arizer Solo II

The Solo II has some of the best vapour quality any vaporizer in its price range has to offer. It relies on a ceramic heating element and an all-glass mouthpiece that delivers excellent taste and vapour density. Arizer took time designing the Solo II and included a unique stem that cools the vapour nicely before it reaches your mouth.

Although the stem on the Solo II diminishes its portability, it can be easily removed when you need the device to move around with the device.

The Solo II comes is powered by a Lithium-Ion battery that can deliver up to 4 hours of vaping on a full charge. It also has a removable cap that makes cleaning and maintenance easy.

Other unique features on the Solo II that are worth mentioning include precision temperature control. It also has a sturdier, more powerful, and more durable heating system that shortens the heat-up time. With borosilicate glass, the Solo II delivers super clean hits for great taste. The unique heat dispersion design ensures you can take repeated hits on the Solo II without the device overheating.

Arizer Extreme Q

The Extreme Q has been on the market since 2010. It was and continues to be one of the most popular desktop vaporisers from Arizer, and given its price and performance, it easily tops some of its more expensive alternatives.

The Extreme-Q is a multi-purpose vaporiser that allows you to directly from the device or fill the bags through the forced air system, and it also comes with a whip that you can use.

Other features on the Extreme Q include the digital temperature display, remote control. You can adjust the temperature by pressing the buttons on display or using the remote that comes with the device. You can adjust the temperature down to a single degree which gives you complete control of your vaping experience.

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