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ARIZER V-Tower Kit

ARIZER V-Tower Kit

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The V-Tower by Arizer is an impressively high performance, efficient and versatile vaporizer. V-Tower boasts cutting-edge technology from a fast-heating ceramic heat element that reaches optimum temperature within two minutes.

The V-Tower can be used for more than just vaporizing herbs. The V-Tower can be used as a steamer, essential oils diffuser, potpourri warmer and even an aromatherapy device.

You see, a good vaporizer company is evaluated by the standards of its products and dedication to technology. A Canadian vaporizer manufacturing company presents an extensive range of stunning vaporizers.

Arizer is the best among dry herb vaporizer enthusiasts because their designs get better with time, along with their motto "better by design." In the last decades, they have produced seven of the finest vaporizers, both desktop and portable. Rightfully it is regarded as the "giant" in the vaporizer industry.

Their current products are the result of customers' feedback and zeal to satisfy customers' preferences, one of which is the v-tower kit. The Arizer V Tower kit is the smallest, most economical desktop vaporizer available from Arizer.

ARIZER V-Tower Kit Features

  • Custom Session Settings
  • Precise Digital Temperature Control
  • Ceramic Heating Element
  • Fast Warm-Up Time
  • Adjustable Auto Shut-Off Timer

What's included

  • 1 x V-Tower Multi-Purpose Heater
  • 1 x V-Tower Power Adapter
  • 1 x V-Tower Glass Cyclone Bowl
  • 1 x V-Tower Glass Aromatherapy Dish
  • 1 x Glass Stirring Too
  • 1 x V-Tower 3′ Whip (Silicone)
  • 1 x Spare V-Tower Flat Screen
  • 1 x Spare V-Tower Dome Screen
  • 1 x Sample Aromatic Botanicals
  • 1 x V-Tower Owner’s Manual

The Arizer V Tower is one of the most popular stationary vaporisers in the market. It is a product of renowned Canadian vaporiser manufacturer Arizer. The V Tower promises exceptional quality with an affordable price tag. It’s a simpler version of the Arizer Extreme Q.

The V Tower is designed for dry herb use. But you can also use it as a diffuser for aromatic herbs. It's an ideal device for the experienced vaper looking for the best bang for their money.

How It Works

The V Tower is a standard whip-style vaporiser. It has a 100% convection heating system. The air that flows through your herbs is heated. The vapour is sent through the heating chamber to the whip as you draw. The digital display on the device is clear and easy to see. It shows the temperature settings, which are similar to the Hybrid Volcano.

You can use the temperature dials for precise temperature selection. The V Tower also comes with a Potpurri bowl option so that you can use it as an air freshener. It's a nifty option that you can put on right after vaporising, so you don't bother other people with the smell of your vapour.

Vapour Quality

Vapour quality plays a critical role in the type of vaporiser you choose. The V Tower has excellent vapour production and quality. Using the included whip, you can extract excellent vapour that has great consistency and flavour. The fantastic performance of the V Tower is partly attributed to the high-quality ceramic heating element. Also, most of the components are glass, ensuring the vapour is free of unwanted impurities.

The vertical glass heating chamber is still one of a kind. It ensures the heat convection is optimal. The Volcano Classic also has a vertical heating chamber which goes to show the effectiveness of the vertical design.

The V Tower is a premium performer as long as vapour production and quality are concerned. If we had to rate it, it would score an outstanding 9 out of 10.

Manufacturing Quality

Arizer pulled all the stops when manufacturing the V Tower. The build quality is magnificent, with high-quality standards overall.

The internal semi-conductors used in the device are top-notch. They have low defect rates, a simple control panel and a beautiful stainless steel casing that is also durable. The addition of a quick-heating ceramic element cuts down the waiting time significantly, so you can start vaping sooner, and the device gets to your selected temperature faster.

The sturdy construction of the Arizer V Tower proves that Canadian manufacturing is also reliable. The device meets the highest standards for vaporizes. Arizer has managed to keep its defect rate below 3%, beating world-leading manufacturing countries like China.

Arizer has also gone ahead and set up a warranty centre in Canada. Any warranty claims will be less stressful. That’s just another reason why you should consider adding the Arizer V Tower to your vaporiser collection.

Temperature Flexibility

With the V Tower, you don't have to worry about complicated buttons and dials. It makes the work of setting your desired vaporising temperature quick and straightforward. The accurate digital display allows you to set your temperature to the nearest degree. There are multiple sensors that ensure the display reflects the accurate temperature.

On both high and low settings, the device performs exceptionally well. The temperature range starts at 500C to 2600C. It is one of the highest ranges among vaporisers. While you might be tempted to test the limits, it’s best to stay under 2350C. The Arizer Solo 2 also has commendable temperature flexibility, although it is not as diverse as the V Tower.


The V Tower needs about 4 minutes to heat up to 2050C. That's around the industry standard for most whip-style vaporisers. After vaporising, you can use the automatic cool-down setting to vaporise some potpourri. The bowl for potpourri comes with the kit. It's a neat trick you can use to mask any botanical odours using essential oils of your choice.

The V Tower could do better on how fast it heats up. But at its price range, it does a commendable job.

Convenience of Use

The V Tower is a stationary vaporiser. While ease of use is not a priority among such devices, the device needs to be practical and easy enough to use. The vaporiser comes with a cyclone bowl that is easy to fill with your selected herbs. The glass pieces easily sit on each other effortlessly. The only downside is that that V Tower doesn't come with remote control. So you need to keep it close to you while you use it.

 Who should use the Arizer V tower kit?

  • The vaporizer beginners

 If you're new to vaping, the Arizer V Tower kit gives a fantastic experience at an affordable price, and it's easy to design, which makes it ideal for anybody looking to get started with vaporizing.

  • Seasoned vaporizers

The Arizer V Tower kit brings out a dense, crisp vapor experience that will leave any seasoned vaporizer pleased.

Arizer V Tower kit accessories

  • Whip kit

This whip kit is complete with everything you need for your vaping sessions: a 90cm whip made from the highest quality materials, and elbow adapter for the inhalation tube, a reverse screen, a nozzle, and a cyclone filling chamber, and a glass stirring tool.

  • Mini whip

If you prefer shorter whips, this is exactly what you need. The advantage of a shorter whip is that it is easier to handle and much simpler when it comes to your vaping sessions.

  • The Tuff Bowl

It is a glass filling chamber that you can attach to the vaporizer and use for your sessions. It will give you a smooth and flavorful vapor with a bit of touch. 

  • Cyclone Filling Chamber

This is very similar to the Tuff bowl except for its length, and it's not covered with silicone. However, it is made with thick glass and has a rubber component at the tip for a seamless, snug fit.

  • Grid kit

A good vaporizer is not complete without a high-quality screen. That's why Arizer created this grid kit, which comes with 2 cup grilles and two circle grilles - 2 for the Tuff and 2 for the cyclone.

  • Elbow adapter

This all-glass elbow adapter is made for the V-Tower and Extreme Q vaporizers. It is to connect the tube to the vaporizer.

  • Mouthpiece

It's easy to lose small pieces like the mouthpiece, and glass breaks easily sometimes no matter how careful we are. But don't worry, we have a replacement glass mouthpiece for you in those times of need.

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