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There never seems to be an end to the number of tools you can use to enjoy your cannabis. Flawless Vaporizers works tirelessly to provide you with all the newest and most exciting tools you can use to smoke weed.

This time around, we present you with the glass pipe - a fun and innovative way to enjoy your cannabis using a small and convenient device.

We sell Tobacco Pipes, Glass Pipes, Metal Smoking Pipes, Hidden Pipes, Bubbler Pipes, One Hitter Pipes and much more!

What is a Glass Pipe?

Smoking pipes are made from different materials ranging from corn cobs, wood, metal and glass. But any seasoned smoker will tell you that the glass pipe has the best experience and is worth every penny you will spend.

Like other types of pipes, glass pipes come in different shapes, designs, and types. Each type is designed with specific smokers in mind. The various glass pipes work with different types and quantities of products. Expectedly, each type has distinct advantages and benefits.

There are about five main types of glass pipes. Each type has different advantages and brings something unique to the smoking experience.


Chillums are the most basic of the glass tubes. They are shaped like a simple tube. Although they are considered a primitive method of smoking because some of the indigenous cultures used hollow reeds to smoke weed, the modern chillum has a lot more to offer than the outdated hollow reeds.

Using chillum pipes is relatively easy. All you need to do is pack the dry herb into one end, light it and inhale from the other end.

Using chillum glass pipes is different from other types of glass pipes. Its small size impacts the temperature and the size of the hit. However, it remains a small and simple design ideal for basic smoking.

Chillums don’t come with carburettors which help to keep the flavour of the smoke from going stale. Nonetheless, it’s worth considering having one in your collection.

Spoon pipes

Spoon pipes are an immediate upgrade from chillums. They resemble chillums in shape and construction, but they have a bowl on one end where you can deposit your product.

Spoon pipes have a carburettor which enhances the quality of the smoke. Using a spoon pipe is a tad bit more complicated than using a chillum. When using a spoon pipe, you have to cover the whole with your finger to draw in air through the bowl, then cover then inhale. This way, the smoke remains fresh.

Sherlock pipes

The sherlock pipe is recognisable from the fictional literary character which it is named after. It resembles the pipe that the famous sleuth always smoked hence the name. The pipe has a bowl at the end of the stem, which holds the product to which heat is applied, and then the smoke travels up the stem. In some designs, this pipe has a longer than the typical stem, referred to as a Gandalf pipe.

In our collection, you will find sherlock glass pipes with carburettors and others without. Read the description carefully before purchasing to ensure you're buying the right product.


Of the five different types of glass types, the steamroller has the most complicated design and is also the most complicated to use. Steamrollers have a tube with a bowl on one end. There is an opening at each end of the pipe. The one nearest the bowl serves as the carburettor. Some steamroller designs also have an extra chamber that rolls the smoke to cool it further before it hits your lungs.

Regardless of the type of steamroller design you choose, you’re always assured of powerful hits that will surprise even the most experienced users. Because of this factor, steam rollers are not recommended for less experienced users. They require some practice to use effectively.


There’s a reason why this type of glass pipe has this name. It has something to do with the bubbles it creates. A bubbler is a hybrid of a glass pipe and bong. It has a miniature size like a pipe but uses water for filtration and cooling the smoke like a bong. Sometimes, bubblers are also referred to as glass water pipes because of this feature.

The filtration process, which results in bubbles, creates a smooth smoke flavour that is devoid of harsh elements and tones. You can use bubblers with cold (even icy) water or hot water.

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