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Dabbing is the new craze sweeping across the smoking world. Over the past few years, dab rigs have been modified and perfected to garner mass appeal and enhance the dabbing experience.

The dab nail is one of the parts that has improved tremendously and comes in various materials and designs to appeal to various dabbers.

At Flawless Vaporizers, we provide you with the full range of dab nails the market has to offer, allowing you to steer your dabbing experience in any direction you please.

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What is Dab Nail?

The dab nail is the part that heats the concentrate. It is shaped like a carpenter’s nail (hence the name). The dab nail makes contact with a heat source like the torch in most dab rigs. Once it’s hot enough, you place your CBD oil or wax onto the nail, which produces a delightful vapour that you inhale.

In an effort to customise the dabbing experience, there are different types of dabbing nails that offer varying benefits and experiences.

Types of Dab Nails

At Flawless Vaporizers, you can choose from various dab nails depending on your preference and the type of dab rig you have.

Domeless dab nails

Although these dab nails don’t look as fancy as their domed counterparts, they offer better performance for experienced dabbers. This range of dab nails doesn't have many sides to them and offers a wide range of benefits which includes:

  • It allows for bigger dabs.
  • It has a lower risk of burning oil.
  • The nail heats up faster compared to domed dab nails.

Domeless dab nails are designed for experienced dabbers because of their quick heating ability and increased vapour loss when used by an inexperienced dabber.

Domed dab nails

Domed dab nails are designed for novices and intermediate dabbers. Although using a domed dab nail could mean delaying the dabbing process because it takes the nail a longer time to heat up, it offers numerous benefits that can’t be overlooked like:

  • It reduces the loss of vapour, especially when dabbing alone.
  • A domed dab nail is cheaper than a domeless option.
  • The vapour produced using this kind of setup is more potent.
  • A domed dab nail is safer to use, especially for new dabbers.


E-nails are slightly different from the standard nails in the sense that they don't rely on a butane torch to heat the nail. Electronic nails, as they are also known, come with a controller box that delivers heat to the nail through a coil. The greatest benefit with an e-nail is that the controller box allows you to control the temperature, eliminating guesswork.

With e-nails, you can ensure that the concentrate reaches the right temperature consistently. Because of the additional features and convenience that e-nails offer, they are costlier than the standard dab nails. If you're a regular dabber looking for excellent results, an electronic dab nail might be a worthy investment for you.

Standard dab nails

Unlike e-nails, standard dab nails rely on a butane or propane torch to heat the nail. They don’t have the premium features like temperature control you get with e-nails. However, they are made from various materials that offer varying benefits and dabbing experiences.

  • Titanium dab nails

Titanium dab nails have been around the longest. They are quite popular because of the durable nature of titanium and the fact that it hits up quickly and consistently, both of which are vital to your dabbing experience. Titanium nails easily overheat. They need extra caution during operation and an experienced hand.

  • Glass nails

Glass nails are widely available. Unlike the titanium varieties, glass nails don't last long. Still, they heat up very fast. Glass is not good at retaining heat which is a plus because it prevents burning the oil or concentrates. These nails are affordable, easy to use, and ideal for inexperienced dabbers.

  • Ceramic nails

These are like glass dab nails in many ways. The only difference is that ceramic nails retain heat longer than their glass counterparts. When using ceramic nails, it's important to note that they chip easily. You need to handle them with extra caution.

Choosing the right dab nail takes time. But, considering how making the right choice will impact your dabbing experience, it’s worth taking the time to select a nail that will deliver the ultimate experience.

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