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Harmony is one of the few brands that is known just as well for its vape products as is its other CBD products. The brand takes a science-based approach to vapes and wellness and invests heavily in product design and development which has led to an enviable selection of CBD vapes.

With a vision to provide affordable access to hemp-based products that are harmonious with nature, you can rest assured that Harmony vape products will provide an exceptional experience without leaving holes in your pockets.

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Harmony TEMPO Device

The Harmony Tempo is the most iconic vape device that Harmony has in its range. On the surface, it resembles most of the other vape devices in the market but has a unique delivery and is fine tuned to work with CBD oils.

Some of the key features of the TEMPO device include its 320mAh internal battery which is quite impressive considering the size of the device. The battery is strong enough to last you four pod refillks before you need to refill.

Most of the pods (pods sold separately) that will work with the Harmony TEMPO device have a capacity of 0.7ml and contain up to 222mg of CBD. The pod is good enough for 200 puffs and you can choose from an assortment of delicious flavours that add a fun aspect to vaping.

Design and quality

The design and quality of this pen-style pod kit is quite commendable. It looks great and works even better. It is compactly built, featuring a tiny frame that is easy to take with you on the road.

The device is also flattened which is intentional and designed to prevent the device from rolling off surfaces when you put it down.

Once assembled with the battery and pods, everything comes together perfectly and stays firmly in place so you don’t have to worry about loose connections and leaks.


The TEMPO is shines in performance. It holds on really well to the flavour you get from the coils giving your tastebuds an excellent, flavour-filled experience. With the range of flavoured pods that Harmony offers, this vape pod is going to ensure you enjoy every single drop.

If you’re considering the Tempo for the first time, we recommend that you purchase the TEMPO starter kit.

Harmony TEMPO CBD Starter Kit

The TEMPO starter kit doesn’t come as the device only. It comes with three, pre-filled pods, the TEMPO device and a USB fast charger complete with the battery.

The pods are prefilled with 74mg of CBD per pod and come in several flavours among them OG Kush, Mango Kush, Lemon Haze, Mint, Strawberry and Pink Lemonade.

With the TEMPO starter kit, you can enjoy a superior vaping experience straight from the box. It’s worth noting that there’s a refillable option. After the three pre-filled pods, you can try out other CBD flavours using a refillable pod.

The Tempo is an excellent device for beginners offering a stylish and discreet vaping experience. It is extremely high performance and produces thick, flavour-filled clouds and a satisfying throat hit.

Harmony Tempo Pods 3 Pack

The Harmony Pod 3 packs is a set of flavoured CBD vape liquids. The pods are refillable and easy to use. Each of the flavours delivers a unique experience and with the performance of the Tempo pod, you can easily detect each of the notes on the inhale and exhale.

The flavour range includes:

  • Wild strawberry – A strawberry treat that balances sweet and juicy with the refreshing hint of natural terpenes.
  • Pink lemonade – An aroma-filled flavour with a touch of vanilla and sweet fizz. The inhale is packed with flavour to mask the natural taste of CBD and terpenes.
  • Mint – This flavour closes down the classics range of flavours with a heavenly aroma and natural mint flavours for excellent experience and taste.

There’s also the originals range of flavours that include:

  • OG Kush
  • Mango Kush
  • Lemon Haze

CBD Cartridge

In addition to the pre-filled pods, Harmony also has a range of CBD cartridges that also come in various flavours.

Some of the delectable flavours you can enjoy in your CBD cartridge include:

  • Moroccan Mint – An extremely refreshing flavour with a cool menthol with just the right balance of sweetness.
  • OG Kush – One of the fan favourites and a classic. It is loaded with earthy botanical notes that most experienced CBD users will appreciate.

The CBD juice contained in the cartridge is fully tested and the concentrations have been certified. The lab results are available on Harmony’s website.

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