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Storz & Bickel is one the most acclaimed and respected brands in the vape industry. The company has been around for over 20 years. As a German industry, Storz & Bickel has remained true to the engineering excellence that Germany is known for.

For a brand that has been in operation for over two decades, you would expect it to have tens of vaporisers in the market. But Storz & Bickel has maintained a small catalogue of high quality and high-performance devices with no competitor.

Each of the brand’s products is carefully crafted, designed and manufactured to achieve durability and the best performance. It’s no wonder the company has a massive following despite only having a small selection of vaporisers in its collection.

In the beginning, Markus Storz began creating a herbal vaporizer that would offer vapor output, ease of use, and quality in 1996. The Volcanic vaporizer, a balloon-bag device with a distinctive conical volcano shape, precise temperature control, and convection heating technology, was birthed by Storz & Bickel in 2000.

This was the beginning of a line dedicated to quality and satisfaction.

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What distinguishes Storz and Bickel from other manufacturers?

Vaporizers from Storz and Bickel have a well-deserved reputation for being among the best, consistently hitting the market with new vapes that will set the industry standard for years to come.

They're not quick to release tons of products, and even though Storz and Bickel only created a handful of vaporizers since its founding in 1996, their designs are so robust and inventive that others have replicated them decades later.

If you want a long-lasting vaporizer, go with a Storz & Bickel. Volcano Classic was launched in 2001 and is still regarded as a classic; that's impressive.

Storz & Bickel brings German engineering to the vaping industry. These are strong and adaptable vaporizers that have garnered a devoted following over time.

Why choose Storz and Bickel?

  • Storz & Bickel has been at the forefront of the vaporizer business for decades as the creators of the first Volcano vaporizer. These ones aren't new to the game; professionalism and consistency in the best are what they're driven by.
  • It is the only firm that produces medicinal herbal vaporizers and is based in Tuttlingen, Germany, a centre of medical technology. Their products are made with your well-being in mind, using only the creme de la creme.
  • Storz & Bickel has been featured on several top 10 lists throughout the years, given the high-tech equipment they produce.

We anticipate Storz & Bickel to continue improving their goods and incorporating novel ideas, not just from their own offices but also from the feedback of their devoted fans.

Storz & Bickel Product Range

We're proud to offer the five products that Storz and Nickel have with outstanding performance produced:

The Volcano

The Volcano was the flagship project for Storz & Bickel and the pioneer product for the desktop vaporizer market. Also known as the “OG” vaporiser, the Volcano was released in 2000. It is over 20 years old but still quite the beast in terms of performance.

The technology-forward approach that Storz & Bickel took with the device means it is still a force to reckon with even 20 years later.

Since the release of the Volcano, S&B has not looked back. The manufacturer has releases impressive after impressive devices, each one building on the success of its predecessor. The one thing that is most notable with the S&B vaporisers is their durability. Most users have used their Volcano devices for over 10 years without declining performance or mechanical problems. That shows the extent S&B goes to create quality devices.

Volcano Classic

Ten years after the release of the majestic Volcano, S&B was at it again, releasing the Volcano classic in 2010. The Classic picked up from where the Volcano left off. The new device featured the first-ever fan-operated air vaporiser with unrivalled commercial exposure and popularity. It was also among the first vaporisers of its kind to use the patented balloon technology. With it came a new way of sharing your herbs and adding a fan to the vaping experience.

Among the other Volcano Classic features that impressed and continue to impress vapers include the nine temperature settings, an adjustable wheel and a vast temperature range of up to 2300C. Although the device looks and feels sophisticated, it is incredibly easy to use. It only needs a few minutes of heating time, and you can jump right in with your dry herbs.

The classic comes with a variety of parts you can use with the device to improve performance and vaping experience, including the balloon and the cleaning set.

Mighty Vaporizer

The first two of Storz&Bickels vaporisers were desktop vaporisers. Vapers were yearning to have the same experience on the road with a more portable vaporiser. S&B and responded with the release of the Mighty Vaporizer. It is ranked as one of the most powerful handheld portable vaporisers. Like its predecessors, the Mighty featured plenty of revolutionary technology, including the patented combination of full hot air convection heating and additional conduction.

The device is relatively large, but its size also means it disperses heat more effectively, making it possible to use the vaporizer for longer periods without getting hot. Although it is a high-performance device, it is relatively easy to use, has excellent battery capacity and comes with numerous accessories that ensure you can start vaping as soon as you get the device out of its packaging.

S&B took the same thoughtful approach when making the vaporiser, ensuring each vaper could enjoy its quality build and performance.

Crafty Vaporizer

For the vapers that found the Mighty too chunky, S&B released the Crafty, another fantastic portable vaporiser that is slightly smaller and comes with an innovative remote-control app giving you more range to personalise your vaping experience using your phone.

The Crafty is an excellent vaporiser for vapers that want a super-strong vaporiser but still maintain discretion. The vaporiser is cleverly put together to ensure it doesn't contaminate the flavour of your herbs and deliver satisfying clouds of vapour.

Plenty Vaporizer

The Plenty Vaporizer has the most intriguing design in the vaping world. If you haven't seen it, you've probably never seen another vaporiser like it. It looks insane with a performance to match. It delivers an experience that is almost similar to smoking.

The Plenty delivers sheer power-producing during plenty of vapour and clean flavour with a smooth taste. The Plenty is easy to clean despite the intriguing design and packs all the cool features you might want in a vaporiser like a spacious chamber and a cooling coil.

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