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Once upon a time, around 5BC, the Scythians hit gold in their smoking journey. They found how to place hemp seed on red-hot stones, and the seeds would evaporate, generating vapour that they would inhale.

Men have craved the vaping experience for a long time, and it pushed them to make a bed of super-hot stones and arrange plants or seeds on top, gather around these stones and allow the vapours to envelop them.

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What then do we see today?

A search for innovation began, and now, there are e-cigarettes, vaporiser pens, mechanical vape mods, and, eventually, desktop vaporisers.

The vape pen allows the user to extract HTC from marijuana while avoiding hazardous components. The e-cigarette vaporises oils, herbs, or wax using a vape tank and a disposable or reusable battery. All of which feels exceptionally modern, so much that it's easy to forget that humans once vaped hundreds of years ago, with instruments as simple as hemp seeds and red-hot stones.

What are Vaporisers?

A vaporiser, sometimes known informally as a vape, is a device that vaporises substances or plant ingredients like cannabis, tobacco, herbs. The result is to produce gas/vapour for inhalation. It is the ideal gadget for folks who prefer a non-smoking method to other methods of taking in cannabis.

 Vaporisers can also be filled with liquid solutions of a mixture of propylene glycol, glycerin, and medicines such as nicotine (tobacco extract) or tetrahydrocannabinol.

Benefits of using vaporisers

You remain unaware of the goodness of vaporisers if no one tells you about them. Here is a list of the significant advantages that vaporisers can offer you:

-They go easier on the lungs

Vaporisation happens at a lower temperature than normal combustion, so you're able to experience a broader range of effects and safety.

You'll agree that it's much easier to inhale thin vapour than dense smoke. A vaporiser allows you to tune to the level of heat you prefer, which is much better.

They are pocket-friendly

Using vaporisers is a consumption method that helps you save since they don't cost too much. All you need to do is make a one-time investment in a good quality vaporiser.

They are efficient and portable

Big devices are needless, and your vaping experience should be simple. Are you looking for a small and compact instrument? Vapes are all you need, and you are good to go. They come as portable gadgets that are convenient to carry with you when you're on the road.

They give better flavour

The flavour is milder to taste when you vape cannabis flowers instead of burning them. The vapour has a milder flavour than smoke and is less prone to irritate your throat and lungs.

They give off a weaker scent

 When you use a vaporiser, the odour associated with cannabis is more difficult to discern. If you don't fancy the smell that cannabis gives off or want your cannabis usage to be less noticeable, a vaporiser is an attractive option.

They provide more privacy

 In addition to not having the distinct odour associated with cannabis smoking, vaping generates fewer clouds. As a result, dry herb vaping is a fantastic option for discreet cannabis use

They are environmentally friendly

When you vape dry herbs, you are simply removing the utilised plant material called already vaped bud. They are organically biodegradable and can be vaped again or used in cooking.

How to use a vapouriser

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to use a vaporiser:

Step 1: Grind the herb you want to vaporise

Before vaping, make sure to ground your weed into light particles.

Step 2: Load the herb into the chamber.

Remove the lid from your vapouriser's chamber and fill the cannabis with your fingers or a little funnel.

Step 3: Warm it up

Do this for a few seconds; make sure it's at a low enough temperature to prevent producing dense clouds.

Step 4: Inhale and exhale

Continue to do this while releasing the vapour at the same rate (for about 2 seconds)

Why choose from PAX?

  • PAX Labs was established with the intention of developing ethical, pleasurable, and individualised vaporiser experiences just for you. You're assured of quality because they're committed to creating products and movements that improve many people's lives.
  • PAX products are produced with high-quality ingredients and provide powerful experiences for individuals seeking a premium and discrete product. With a device small enough to fit in a pocket or handbag and odour-free, enjoy at your discretion.
  • They take design and innovation seriously, driving them to offer best-in-class software, technology, and tools that allow you to customise each experience.

Choose from a variety of products

  1. PAX 2.0

One of the most popular and best selling loose-leaf vaporisers on the market is available in charcoal and platinum colours. PAX 2 is a portable vaporiser characterised by a modern design and an appearance that's as discrete as you like it.

It quickly creates pure vapour in less than a minute, has a strong oven with four temperature settings that evenly warm and preserves your dry herb for several hours.

It also features LED lights that indicate status in the most understated way possible, using a simple one-button interface.

PAX 2.0 is loved not only for its pocket-size but also for its advanced technology and its durable, 90-minute battery life. Tops it off with two interchangeable mouthpieces, a magnetic USB Charger and motion-sensor technology to boast of.

PAX 3.0

PAX 3.0 is a portable vaporiser that comes with two alternatives for enjoyment. You can either keep to dried herb if that's more your thing or quickly switch to concentrates.

This vapouriser features improvements that make it a must-try. PAX 3.0 has high-performance from the inside out and features cutting-edge battery technology that allows for several sessions without charging. It comes in several beautiful colours like midnight rain, amber, sand, onyx, sage, and burgundy.

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