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Get your vape journey started on the right foot by using the Fly CBD disposable vape pod. The innovative, stylish and easy-to-use device takes all the guesswork of operating a vaping device, even for novices.

Although it is mainly designed for novices, the disposable vape has exceptional features that make it ideal for experienced vapers as well who want a device they can use on the road.

With the Fly Pod, you don’t have to worry about charging or even refilling the device. It comes ready to use out of the box.

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About Fly CBD

Fly CBD is a relatively new brand in vaping circles. But not as new as most people would think. Fly CBD is a subsidiary of the larger and better-known AZTEC brand. AZTEC was founded in 2016 and has become a staple in the vaping industry because of its high-quality vape and CBD products.

The Fly banner under AZTEC focuses on specific CBD products. Being a subsidiary of a renowned brand, you can expect the same level of creativity, innovation and quality from Fly CBD, mainly with their Fly CBD disposable vapes.

Fly CBD Product Range

Although the Fly CBD brand is often associated with disposable vape pens, there are more products under the brand that might catch your attention.

Fly Pod

The first is the fly pod—a disposable CBD vape pen designed for new CBD users interested in vaping. Using the Fly Pod, you can enjoy CBD and its effects in the fastest and most efficient method of administration.

The device holds 1.6ml of 120mg of CBD, which is enough to last you 300, perhaps if you use the device moderately. You might get fewer puffs if you take long draws and vape frequently.

The disposable vape is made from safe, food-grade materials with impressive features like a draw-activated system that simplify the use of the device for guaranteed satisfaction.

The vape liquid used in the device contains CBD harvested from organically grown hemp that is free from pesticides and heavy metals. The hemp has been third-party lab tested, and the results are readily available for potential buyers to peruse before buying the device.

The vaping liquid also contains natural terpenes and other common ingredients like propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine. For the ultimate vape experience, the vape liquid has a 50/50 VG/PG blend that ensures you get thick smoke and excellent flavour when using the device.

With regards to flavour, Fly CBD has already put out four stunning flavours, which include mango kush, cherry, amnesia, and cool mint. Each of the flavours is keenly blended to suit the needs and preferences of vapers who are attracted to it with accurate flavours and unique undertones.

Vape Liquids

There is a range of CBD vape liquids you can try out for lucky vapers who have already found their favourite refillable device and want to experience the Fly CBD experience.

The vape liquids are made from broad-spectrum CBD. This allows the vaper to enjoy the full effects of CBD without worrying about the THC content. The vape liquids come in the same flavour as the Fly Pod disposable vape flavours like cool mint, Cherry, Amnesia and mango.

There is also a CBD booster shot vape liquid containing 1000mg of CBD. If you don’t fancy any of the flavours that Fly CBD offers, you can mix the booster shot with your preferred flavour and turn it into an instant CBD vape liquid.

Like the other vape liquids from Fly CBD, the booster shot is also made from broad-spectrum CBD so that you can enjoy it freely. It doesn't have a taste, so it doesn't affect the flavour of your preferred CBD vape liquid.

CBD oil drops

CBD oil drops are a must-have for any CBD brand worth its name. Fly CBD has a simple but effective range of CBD oil that is perfect for new, intermediate and experienced CBD users.

The brand has kept the composition of its CBD oil drops as simple and as pure as possible. The drops are made from a blend of broad-spectrum CBD and pure organic MCT oil to enhance absorption of the CBD.

The CBD oil drops come in varying concentrations that start at 300mg to 2000mg. The range can cater to CBD users with the most demanding needs.

The oil drops come with a built-in dropper that makes them easy to use and dose. You can take them sublingually or orally, depending on your preference.

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