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CBD has become a daily routine in the lives of many. However, sometimes users have a problem finding the right CBD brand to satisfy their daily needs. Select CBD, also known as Social CBD, is a unique CBD brand with a twist that guarantees quality CBD products.

Select CBD has taken an honest approach filled with integrity in its production of CBD products. The brand has quickly ramped up its reputation by ensuring it plays according to the rules of the different governing bodies to ensure the safety and satisfaction of its customers.

Reviews on third-party forums and review sites prove the craze about Select CBD products is real and the brand has also received very positive reviews from CBD professionals and websites.

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Benefits of Select CBD

In a world where CBD brands are sprouting every morning, remaining relevant, standing out and attracting a crowd is proving difficult. Select CBD has taken the long but proven road of sticking to the right ethos and trusting the process, which has worked out marvellously for the brand. Some of the reasons why Select CBD stands out to include:

Reliable hemp source

The brand is honest and upfront with its customers about where it gets its hemp. Select CBD gets its hemp from Oregon, where the farms use natural growing practices to ensure the best quality hemp for the best quality CBD products.


Transparency is a crucial feature in CBD circles. However, not all CBD brands honour transparency. Select CBD takes an all-out approach to CBD transparency. The packaging of each of the products has all the useful information you need to know as a consumer. Apart from the list of ingredients, the packaging also has the lab details inside each of the products and the activation times.

Most CBD brands will put up the third-party lab results on their websites but not inside the actual product packaging. The type of transparency Select CBD puts in its production is not something you always see in the CBD industry.


Independent third-party lab testing is an opportunity for consumers to tell if what the brand is advertising is what they are getting. Third-party labs confirm the quality, purity and CBD concentration of the products.

Select CBD uses an ISO17025 compliant lab to have all its products and batches randomly tested. The results are available on the website, but you can only access them if you have a batch or lot number, allowing you to access the results for the specific batch you purchased.

Product diversity

CBD connoisseurs know that you can’t always use one CBD product for too long. You need to keep the experience adventurous. If you’re a brand loyalist, that means finding a brand that offers multiple CBD products that allow you to jump between the different products. CBD products include;

CBD vape pens

Select CBD offers its range of CBD vape pens in three varieties. Each pen has about 250mg of CBD. The type of pen you choose determines the ingredients used depending on the effects you're looking for. There's the relax range which has CBD vape pens infused with cinnamon and lavender and the focus range that has spearmint or peppermint.

The vape pens can deliver up to 2mg of CBD for every three-second puff. The vape pen comes pre-filled with your selected vape liquid and is tamper-resistant and airtight. You don’t have to worry about leaks or the challenge of refilling.

The device uses high-grade American-made Kanthal steel. It also has pure, unbleached Japanese cotton in its wicks for the premium vaping experience.

CBD oil drops

CBD oil drops are the most common CBD product in the market. Select CBD oil drops to come in varying potencies between 250mg and 2000mg.

For vapers that like a flavour with their CBD oil drops, Select CBD offers lemon, ginger, lavender and peppermint flavours in addition to their unflavoured variety.

The tinctures come in isolate CBD or as broad-spectrum CBD for users that want to enjoy the entourage effect.

The fact that Select CBD uses broad-spectrum CBD for its CBD oil drops eliminates the chances of the user ingesting any THC. This is important for CBD users that are subjected to regular drug tests. 

CBD gel caps

CBD gel caps or capsules are an easy, stress-free method of taking CBD without any after-taste. The Select CBD capsules are free of any soy and sugar products. The capsules come in four varieties that include balance, boost, rest and recovery.

Each variety has unique ingredients to power the different properties you’re looking to experience. The capsules have about 1000mg of CBD for every 30 caps. That is approximately 33.33mg of CBD per capsule, which is impressive.

The capsules also have other herbal ingredients like moringa, yerba mate, caffeine, curcumin, black pepper extract, valerian root and passionflower. The selection of these ingredients depends on the type of capsule you select.

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