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It's been over 450 years, and they're still here...

Rizla industry is continually evolving and rolling with the times and legends. Their search discovered that the most excellent choice for one person might be the worst for another;  therefore, they all have diverse tastes in rolling papers.

Rizal loves historical stories and dug deep into this one. The origins of rolling papers came from the attempt to make life easier and safer for smokers with the high rise in cigarette taxes back in the days.

Imagine the regular man back then who rolled up tobacco in newspapers ignorant of the health hazards it could cause him. However, the development and popularity of rolling papers came, which soared and became what we now know today.

 At Rizla, your smoking experience is valued, and it drives them to provide you with the most outstanding quality, unbleached, unrefined rolling papers available.

Being ever-innovative is in their blood, ensuring what they put out is the best, making rolling more straightforward and allowing more people to experience Rizla's top-grade range of products. We are bold to present their collection of rolling papers for your personalised smoking pleasure.

What are rolling papers?

Rolling papers, especially the good ones, are some of the most highly valued items in the cannabis world for reasons other than their visual appeal. They are a unique form of paper used to roll cigarettes, joints, blunts, and other tobacco products, either by hand or by machine, beautifully wrapped within a cardboard wrapper and made available in various sizes.

Rice straw, hemp, flax, and wood pulp are some of the materials used to make rolling papers, which range in length and width based on the size, length, thickness, and kind of glue used.

Two options of rolling papers exist the bleached or unbleached ones.

Benefits of rolling papers

  1. They are safe and clean

Hemp grows, needing little or no fertiliser. Therefore, hemp-based rolling papers are safer and cleaner, and they're usually completely residue-free.

  1. They save trees

People like rolling hemp papers for various reasons, one of which is that they minimise their reliance on tree products and that they are made of hemp fibres. 

You get to conserve much-needed trees worldwide if you wish to safeguard the earth's forests.

  1. They have less impact on the environment

Hemp improves soil conditions via a process known as phytoremediation. It grows at a faster rate than other crops. According to some estimates, rolling hemp papers are only one of the 50,000 sensational goods we should be utilising today.

  1. Inconspicuous

The most incredible thing about rolling papers is that they may be readily discarded when a situation pops up. Apart from that, it can easily pass as a hand-rolled cigarette.

  1. Improves taste

Rolling papers are great at masking the natural flavour of marijuana better than a vape or bong.

  1. Customisable

Rolling papers give smokers complete control over selecting the size they want to smoke that cannot be achieved with pre-rolled cones. What's more, rolling papers come in a variety of materials, including rice, hemp, and wood.

Why choose Rizla?

-Rizla, the French brand, is well-known for being an invention that aims to make the greatest rolling papers and wraps in the history of legends.

-They pride themselves on a quality attribute called consistency which helps them keep their promise. Rizla's word: "Keep Rolling with the World's No.1" stands true.

-You get to enjoy a slew of selections tailor-made to your smoking needs. The papers are available in six thicknesses, ranging from 12.5 grams per square metre (in silver packages) to 26.5 grams per square metre( white package and liquorice)

The secret ingredient

You must have discovered that Rizla adores rice sheets, and it has been their rolling paper material for as long as we can remember.

Here's why rice rolling paper is best among others:

- Rice rolling paper is made from all-natural ingredients. The great majority of rice sheets available are made completely of thinned and processed rice.

-It has a significant advantage over other materials of its tender work, making it better for your lungs.

Rice rolling paper is this case because of its thinness than hemp or wood pulp papers.

-When you smoke rice paper, there is no aftertaste since it is just so thin! This way, you enjoy your paper's natural flavour without making any changes.

-Rice rolling paper burns slowly, sustaining your smoking experience.

Check out a variety of products

  1. Super thin silver

If you claim to be an expert at rolling and you want to show it, Rizla's super thin silver rolling paper is the best for you. Only experts appreciate silver, Rizla's most delicate piece ever, which delivers the slowest burn and the slightest paper taste.

This paper has a thickness of 13.5 and comes in a pack of 50. It has the slowest burn rate with a booklet size of 70 x 36mm.

NB: The super-thin silver still comes in various packs:

Rizla King Size Slim Booklets

It comes in booklet size of107mm x 43mm with 32 leaves in each booklet and 50 booklets present in every box.

Rizla Slim King Size Slim Combi Packs

32 king-size super-thin leaves plus 32 paper tips in each combo box., each carton contains 24 packets with booklet size of 107mm x 43mm.

  1. Green rolling paper

Our favourite robust and flexible choice, green papers are easy to roll, and the pre-cut corners make rolling even easier for you. It has a thickness of 17.5 and comes in a pack of 50, complimented by the slowest burn rate with a booklet size of 70×36mm.

  1. Blue rolling paper

This is a thinner paper and takes more skill to roll than green. Once mastered, however, you can experience a slower burn while using less tobacco – two birds with one stone. It has a thickness of 14.5, a booklet size of 70×36mm and comes in a pack of 50 complimented by a slow burn rate.

NB: The blue rolling paper still comes in various packs:

Rizla Slim King Size Booklets in Thin Blue

This booklet has size of 107mm x 43mm, 50 booklets in every box and 32 leaves present in each booklet.

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