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Compared to other players, Just CBD is considered a relatively new player in the industry. The company was established in 2017. The purpose of the company was to help people realize the true value of CBD.

The brand has invested heavily in helping its customers understand what CBD is and what it has to offer. To instil trust in buyers, Just CBD ensures that all the lab reports for its products are easily accessible and maintains a highly transparent manufacturing process.

The brand has put together a wide range of CBD products with varying flavours in a short time. All its products are third-party tested, and the results available on the company's websites. With transparent and accurate procedures, it’s easy to see why Just CBD has warmed its way into the hearts of many CBD lovers.

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Just CBD products

CBD oil tinctures

Just CBD has an interesting selection of CBD oil tinctures. There are three primary varieties you can select from. There are coconut oil tinctures, hemp seed oil and liquid honey tinctures. These unique selections allow connoisseurs to pick the options that work best for them.  

The liquid honey option is particularly interesting because most manufacturers don’t add sweeteners to their CBD tinctures. This combination appeals to CBD lovers that can’t stand the bitter taste of CBD. The honey masks the CBD taste while adding the anti-bacterial effects of honey as well.

The CBD tinctures also come in varying CBD concentrations. The minimum is 50mg of CBD and the strongest is 1500mg.

CBD gummies

CBD gummies are a fun and colourful way to keep your CBD levels up throughout the day. The CBD gummies came in tasty and sweet flavours. The gummies are crafted using quality ingredients that ensure the gummies don't leave that strong after-taste that comes with other CBD gummies.

CBD lovers can choose from various options and flavours, including sour worms, apple rings, peach rings, blueberry rings, and other flavours. Just CBD has also varied the concentration of CBD in the gummies so everyone can find something that works for them. The potency of the CBD gummies ranges from 250mg to 3000mg, catering to the most demanding CBD users.

For CBD lovers who have diabetes, Just CBD offers a sugar-free, cholesterol-free version that is safe and won't affect your sugar levels.

CBD Edibles

CBD edibles are quickly rising in popularity. Edibles offer CBD lovers unique and fun ways to take CBD. Because of the sheer diversity of CBD edibles, it's almost impossible to run out of fun ways to consume your CBD.

Another reason for the popularity of CBD edibles is discretion. You can consume CBD edibles anywhere at any time without raising curiosity. The edibles look like usual snack items and don’t attract any attention.

Just CBD has various CBD edibles that include the Just chocolate cocoa quinoa bites. These CBD edibles are not only discrete but combine the power of CBD and chocolate to make CBD easier to take. Each bottle of CBD edibles contains about 23 pieces which offer about 250mg.

CBD vape pens

Vaping CBD is the fastest method you can use to deliver CBD into the bloodstream and enjoy the benefits that come from it. While there are numerous vape devices you can use, vape pens are the easiest and the most efficient. Just CBD vape pens come pre-filled with your selected CBD vape liquid flavour and are pre-charged. The devices come in different colours, sizes and shapes. All you have to do is pick one that appeals to your needs and preferences.

Just CBD offers a choice of eight satisfying flavours that will leave your tastebuds wanting more. Once you pick your preferred device and vape juice, you can start vaping out of the box to enjoy the relaxing effects of CBD and vaping.

The vape pens come with CBD vape liquids with varying potency starting at 100mg to 1000 mg. The vape liquids are made from food-grade ingredients which are safe for human consumption.

CBD topicals

Just CBD's collection of products also includes a vast range of CBD topicals, including relaxing bath bombs and soaps, salves and creams.

CBD bath bombs are an excellent way to relax after a hard day's work and rejuvenate yourself. There are four different types of soaps and six types of bath bombs.

The bath bombs are made from 25mg hemp isolate, essential oils, sodium bicarbonate, corn starch, and Epsom salts. On the other hand, the soaps contain organic olive oil, coconut oil, and hemp oil, which are wonderful for the skin.

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