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DaVinci was a well-known innovator in the Renaissance era known for his exceptional talents and creativity. The DaVinci vape brand was started to follow in the footsteps of this iconic scientist and innovator. Since the brand was started in 2011, the brand has done nothing but come up with a range of exciting and intriguing vape devices that live up to the brand's vision of changing the world's imagination.

Like its namesake, the company is driven by its relentless innovation. It is a constant pursuit of perfection through thoughtful design and meticulous engineering. The company doesn’t shy away from using the latest technology to make small, portable devices that are creating a bigger conversation.

DaVinci’s devices are created for vapers that care about aesthetics, want the latest technology that is not overly involving and are relatively easy to use.

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DaVinci Product Range

For a brand that has been around since 2011, one would expect Da Vinci to have a long line of vaporisers. But, for a brand whose sole goal is to always deliver uniqueness and the best engineering, DaVinci is not in a hurry to release devices for the sake of releasing. Each device features the best engineering and immaculate engineering that you can feel as soon as you see and hold the device.


The DaVinci IQ was the company's flagship device. It was and still remains known for its simple and functional design, easy-to-read display, and superb vaporisation performance. The device has a well-rounded body and is quite portable. It comes in a series of different colours.

Considering this was the first device from DaVinci, it was quite commendable. The IQ made quite the impression at the time and remains a fan-favourite even with the fleets of new devices that have arrived since the release of the IQ.

The IQ features two vape modes: Smart Paths and Precision. The Smart Paths mode has preset temperature ranges. Depending on the temperature range you select, the device will heat the herbs to a certain point and then gradually raise the temperature throughout the session.

Precision mode heats the material to a precise temperature. There’s also the boost mode which only works when you hold down the control button. The device returns to its previous mode when you let go.

The device was way ahead of its time and remains one of the best herb vaporising devices on the market. Although the design might appear a little outdated now, it is still an amazing device with even better performance.

The IQ2

Following the success of the IQ, DaVinci released the IQ2, an improved version of the IQ with even better features, design and functions. As any serious vape brand would, DaVinci took time to learn from the IQ and consider the reviews they received from vapers to make an even better and more appealing follow-up.

It's evident a lot of time and effort went into the IQ2. Luckily, it wasn't for nothing. The IQ2 is the biggest of the DaVinci vaporisers, not just in size but also in performance.

A lot of focus went into getting the vapour right, ensuring it cools down to the right temperature as it travels through the flavour chamber and the mouthpiece. The device has done an excellent job of preserving the herbal flavours and ensuring they pop and linger longer than with other devices.

Each of the materials used in making the IQ2 is carefully and intentionally selected and the device is designed to pump out the most comfortable vapour you can come across.

At the moment the IQ was released, it was hard to think there would be an even better device. But the IQ2 proved that there was always room for improvement and innovation in the DaVinci brand. The IQ2 is a joy to use for many vapers with handy features and functions that ensure you get the best performance and herb vaping experience.


As technology and innovation change, DaVinci has shown intent to capitalise and use these advancements to improve the performance of their products and enhance the experience of their customers.

The greatest challenge with the two former devices was the prolonged charging time required to recharge the devices. The IQC solved this by having a USB-C charger that cut the charging time down to two hours. Other improvements made on the device include stronger magnets, better battery performance and better flavour production.

The IQC also has the benefit of affordability and is easily ranked as one of the best portable herb vapes on the market at its price range.


Miqro is the latest addition to the DaVinci family. It stands out with its miniature stature and excellent performance has a dry herb vaporiser. On the outside, the Miqro looks like a smaller version of the IQ, but on the inside, the features vary widely, among them the oven size and the battery.

A majority of dry herb vaporiser manufacturers focus on desktop vaporisers. They are easier to get working and deliver the desired experience. DaVinci has taken a completely different route focusing on ensuring that herb connoisseurs can enjoy their dry herbs on the road regardless of where they are through their exquisite line of portable vaporisers.

From the brand name, you can tell that DaVinci is inspired by the Renaissance-era innovator Leonardo DaVinci. The company was founded in 2011 with a passion and desire to change the vaping world and vaping design and technology.

The company places a lot of focus on innovation and the appearance of their device in their constant pursuit of perfection. Since its inception, DaVinci has constantly evolved using thoughtful design, innovative technology and meticulous engineering, cutting across all of their portable vaporisers.

What Makes DaVinci Different?

The vaporiser market is not what it once was. There are new vape brands coming up every day offering quality and high-performance devices. Keeping an identity for companies like DaVinci that have been around for some time is critical. Some of the factors that keep DaVinci products unique include:

  • Flavour – Clean flavour is one of the foundations on that DaVinci bases its engineering and technology. The vapour produced by DaVinci products has to be unique and top quality. This happens by ensuring the devices can apply precise heat to the herbs in the oven to fully extract the terpenes. The vessel also has to be clean to prevent impacting the flavour of the terpenes.
  • Pure glass air path – DaVinci only uses the cleanest components to build its vaporisers. The brand strictly follows the Clean First ethos. That means metals or plastics have no place in the sealed zirconia/glass air path to guarantee the purity of the flavour of the terpenes.
  • No burns -There is a difference between vaporisation and combustion. Vaporisation is the extraction of terpenes and other beneficial compounds in your herb by leveraging temperature to activate specific boiling points without combusting the material. DaVinci's technology and temperature accuracy mean you get all heat without burning your herb for the best experience and benefits.

Why should you choose DaVinci vaporiser?

It saves you weed

Did you know that if you start vaping correctly and reuse ABV, you may save up to four times the amount of cannabis you consume by burning?

You see, the generation of smoke is undoubtedly what we miss the most when we move to vape, but if we want to consume more intelligently, we must recognize that what we are inhaling is a vapour rich in cannabinoids and terpenes, not smoke.

The best way to conserve weed is to simply exhale as little vapour as you can. Don't worry if you can't see anything, it's actually a good sign; the more we exhale, our bodies do not absorb, the more cannabinoids and terpenes.


When you burn weed, it's impossible to go unnoticed in front of people who do not like cannabis. However, when using vaporisers, you'll notice right away that your clothes won't smell like cannabis after vaping. This is because cannabis vapour is simpler to dissipate than smoke.

Easy to dose consumption

Vape helps a lot with responsible consumption. They have a chamber that holds around 0.2 to 0.5 grams of dried cannabis, so you'll know how much you're taking each time you fill your vape.

Parts of a vaporiser you need to know


Your vaporizer will utilize a tank or a cartridge to contain the vaping liquid, depending on whether the system is open or closed. Polycarbonate plastic, glass, and stainless steel are all used to make tanks.


This little portion of your device is responsible for turning the e-liquid into small particles that you can subsequently inhale through the vapour.


When you draw from a vaporizer, many of them switch on automatically. Others need you to activate the heating chamber by pushing a button. Sensors are responsible for this.


These must fulfill stringent quality requirements in order to be used in vape devices. Vaporizers are powered by tiny lithium-ion or lithium-ion batteries. Each time you activate the heating chamber, these rechargeable batteries provide the required power.


Because batteries are almost often an internal component, they must be recharged using a wire that is directly attached to the vaporizer. The Mini or Micro USB format is the industry standard used in a broad range of cell phones and other mobile devices and may also be found in automobile chargers and PCs, among other places. 

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