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Portable vaporizers have changed the way people enjoy vaping. They are the go-to device for vapers that prefer taking their hardware everywhere they go without carrying around heavy, socket-reliant equipment.

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What is a Portable Vaporizer?

A portable vaporizer is an electronic device designed to heat dry herbs, oils, or wax to a high enough temperature to vaporise it. In portable vaporizers, all the components of the electronic device are neatly organised into a small, easy to carry device. It comprises of a heating element and a rechargeable battery.

Over the years, portable vaporizers have become more sophisticated and robust, providing an experience close to that of desktop vaporizers. They are highly adjustable and come with additional perks like LEDs and touchpads to make the devices more user friendly.

There are several types of portable vaporizers categorized based on the substance they vaporize. These include dry herb vapes, wax vapes, e-liquid vapes and oil vapes.

Types of Portable Vaporizers

Depending on your preference and the materials you would like to vape, you can choose from a variety of portable vaporizers:

Portable oil vape pens

These come in different sizes and shapes. Some are small enough to fit snuggly in the palm of your hand, while others are as big as a pen. These portable vaporizers are characterised by a sound design, durable material and long battery life.

They can come in the shape of a pen, a lighter, or a cigarette. They usually have one or two buttons to operate and can produce varying vapour density depending on the design.

Portable dry vapes

Dry vapes are compact and convenient. They are easy to maintain and change the battery. Most options only require a single button for activation and are often preferred because they don’t produce any smoke since there is no combustion. Some varieties heat the substance at a fixed temperature, while others allow you to change the temperature.

Portable wax and concentrate vapes

Wax vapes work the same way as dry vapes. They use the same heating principle but deliver a different experience. These are the cleanest types of portable vapes and are often considered more potent than dry vapes. They are also called vape or dab pens.

Portable dry and oil vaporizers

Also known as three-in-one vaporizers, these come in various sizes. They are an ideal selection for vapers who love a little bit of everything. They offer extensive features, including temperature control, to maximise extraction from the different materials.

Parts and Components of a Portable Vaporizer

Although there are various types of portable devices, they all feature the same major components and parts. These include:

  • Tank – The tank is also called a cartridge or an oven. This part holds the starting material, which can be oil, e-liquid, wax, or herbs in units with interchangeable tanks. In smaller wax pens, the cartridge comes pre-loaded, making it easy for you to vape.
  • Battery – Every portable vaporizer needs a source of power. The battery provides this. Almost every option in the market uses a lithium-ion battery as a power source. The battery is rechargeable and capable of holding enough power to the heating element to the desired temperature several times a day.
  • Atomizer – The atomizer has the task of generating heat in a portable vaporizer. There are other variations of atomizers depending on the type of device you're using, like the clearomizers or cartomizers. The type you choose depends on the viscosity of the material.
  • Sensor – Every portable vaporizer is equipped with some sort of sensor. Some are more advanced with various functions like Bluetooth compatibility and temperature variability.
  • Mouthpiece – When you draw, the airflow is directed through the tank to the mouthpiece where you inhale. In most units, the mouthpiece is detachable from the remainder of the unit for easy cleaning.

Benefits of Portable Vaporizers

Portable vaporizers have quickly risen in popularity because of the many benefits they offer the vaping community.


The greatest advantage of owning a portable vaporizer is the ability to vape whenever and wherever you want. The devices are small enough to fit into your pocket, so you can take them everywhere you go.


Unlike desktop vaporizers, which are chunky and easily noticeable, portable vaporizers are tiny and because there is no combustion, there is very little odour released. Their designs resemble everyday things like cigarettes, pens and lighters, so they don't attract a lot of attention. 

How Vaporisers Work

Vaporisers work using one of two methods: Convection or conduction heating.

Conduction heating

In conduction heating, the vaporising material makes direct contact with the heating element to release the vapour. Vaporisers using this method of heating are the most affordable and the easiest to use.

The conduction heating method is common in compact-style vaporisers because this method of heating doesn't take up too much space.

Although most new vaporisers are no longer using conduction heating, it still has numerous benefits, among them faster ramp-up times because the herbal material is in direct contact with the heating element.

Convection heating

With convection heating, there’s no direct contact between the herbal material and the heating element. The vaping material is exposed to heated air from the heat source, causing vaporisation. Devices that rely on this type of heating have a mechanism that moves the air from the heating element to the material.

Whip-style vaporisers rely on the user drawing from the mouthpiece to move the air. When you draw inhale from the mouthpiece, the cold air rushes in and pushes the hot air into the vaping material.

There are also forced-air style vaporisers. These have an internal fan that pushes the hot air towards the material. This type of vaporisers has a steady flow of vapour even when you don't manually draw from the mouthpiece.

 Convectional vaporisers reduce the chances of combustion taking place. They also have easy temperatures adjustments, and the vapour quality is better than in the conduction method.

How to Use a Vaporiser

Portable vaporisers are relatively easy to use, even for new vapers. Using the vaporiser shouldn't pose a challenge. However, vaporisers are different and come in different types. Therefore, the process of using them might vary slightly. 

  • The first step to using a vaporiser is reading through the instruction manual. The manual contains valuable information on how to assemble (if any assembly is needed) and safely use the device.
  • For rechargeable portable vaporisers, start by charging the vape. If you're eager to begin vaping, plug the vape into a wall adaptor instead of a PC. Once the vaporiser is fully charged, it's ready for the first vape.
  • Before you start vaping, check to make sure the chamber is empty. Remove any visible particles, then turn the vaporiser on. Let the vaporiser heat to its highest setting. This is called the “burn off.” It removes any residue left behind by the manufacturing or storage processes.
  • Fill up the chamber with your preferred herb or concentrate. Fire up the device again and draw from the mouthpiece to enjoy your very first vape!

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