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Provacan VapePod+ Device

Provacan VapePod+ Device

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Provacan's VapePod+ Device is a high-quality CBD vape kit is designed to provide you with everything needed to start vaping CBD.

Unlike regular vape pens, this device has a CCEL Porous Core that allows continuous and even heating at lower temperatures that is ideal for vaporizing CBD. And thanks to the battery, it lasts longer than regular pen-style vapes before needing to be recharged.

  • Consistent & even heating of the CBD vape oil
  • Durability and quality of materials
  • Cost-effectiveness and overall consumer value
  • Auto-stop feature after one full CBD dose/puff
  • Only for use with Provacan VapePod compatible pre-filled cartridges
  • Standard USB charging


The device is breath-activated, so simply begin to inhale, and the VapePod device will power on and heat near instantaneously. The oversized channels allow for a smooth, tasteful, ultra-efficient vaping experience.

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