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One of the biggest mistakes herb lovers make is using their fingers to grind the flowers. Trichomes from the plant get attached to the skin and shred off easily reducing the overall purity and potency of the substance. That’s why you need the help of an herb grinder to perfect your hits.

Your herb deserves the best.

Did you know that herbs were previously pounded between stones, by hand, or with a mortar and pestle?

It could have been better if these methods didn't cause inconsistencies that might harm your delicate herb and hinder your smoking experience.

Fast forward, a lot has changed with the brilliant innovation called weed grinders. But what happens when there comes an evolution of stoners who are concerned about the quality of their cannabis after using poor ones that left them dissatisfied with the outcome?

Thankfully, the industry continues to innovate, and so has this item for over 100 years. With flawless vaporizers, you only get the cream of the crop in our collection. We at Flawless Vaporizers have firsthand knowledge of the importance of grinders in releasing the full potential of your dry herbs and tobacco. That's why we provide a wide range of herb grinders and pollen pressers to meet your specific requirements.

Being your one-stop shop for all your vaping needs, Flawless Vaporizers also stocks various grinders that will take your weed game to the next level.

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What is a Herb Grinder?

The herb grinder is a compact device that crushes your spices or herbs into tiny pieces. The grinder pulverises the weed buds into smaller particles for easier loading and vaping. Just like vaporizers, grinders also come in various designs. The simplest of them has two halves, which, when joined together, shred the substance inside.

More advanced options have more compartments, each having a different function. These are ideal for more advanced connoisseurs.

Every weed grinder typically has these components: 

  • The lid which has teeth on it for grinding.
  • Storage chamber that collects and stores cannabis and contains a screen to filter kief.
  • Grind section that has teeth for grinding and holes for herbs to fall through.
  • Kief catcher, a device that collects kief.

Why care about weed grinders?

They are efficient

Grinders make breaking up a huge amount of cannabis faster and cleanly. Even while some cannabis users are tempted to break apart and crush their marijuana with their hands, investing in a reliable herb grinder has various advantages.

They save money and weed

Weed grinders let you get the most out of your vaping, smoking, or cooking experiences while also saving you money by eliminating unintentional marijuana loss. They also protect the integrity of your cannabis since hands transfer natural skin oils that cause the resin left on your herb to decay.

They catch kief, the herb users' favourite

Marijuana grinders can also separate and collect kief from your plants. Because dry herb users value kief's high concentration of active botanical compounds, having a kief catcher is a bonus. This allows you to gather kief in the bottom of your grinder to use in your joint, edible recipe, vaporizer, or pipe later.

They are better off than hands

Using your hands to break up marijuana results in irregular sized pieces leading to uneven heating or burning. A grinder is meant to shred dried marijuana blossoms into a consistent consistency every time thanks to its meticulously positioned teeth. 

Keeps herb's goodness intact

When you use a weed grinder, your herb breaks down into tiny bits giving a larger surface area for heat to work on. The ground herb releases more active compounds, resulting in more strong effects, as well as greater herby fragrance and flavour. 


How to Use Grinders

When you think about it, a lot of engineering goes into designing grinders to ensure they get the right results with the least effort. However, they are quite simple to use.

  • When using a grinder, you start by removing the top half of the lid of the grinder. You can load up your flowers, spices, or dry herbs between the teeth inside the grinding bowl once the lid is off. You can use your fingers to break up the bigger buds. Avoid placing the herb at the centre or the edges of the grinding bowl.
  • Replace the lid of the grinder.
  • Turn the lid clockwise or anti-clockwise several times or until the grind is of the right consistency.

Types of Grinders

Choosing a grinder is often a daunting task, especially if it's your first time. The range of grinders is constantly growing and features tens of different options. Grinder types are divided depending on various aspects like size and material.

Manual grinders

This is the most basic type of grinder and the most common because it's easy to use and portable. Manual grinders feature two parts that have teeth. All you have to do when using a manual grinder is load up your herbs and turn the pieces several times.

Electric grinders

Over time, manual grinder users need to upgrade, and the electric grinders are a perfect choice. Electric grinders are more advanced and convenient. Some electric varieties also come with a high voltage battery. Considering that they are small and pocket-sized, you can take the grinder with you at all times.

Types of Grinders by Material

Wood grinders

Wood grinders are relatively common. But compared to other materials, these aren’t very desirable. They don’t shred very well and only feature two pieces. However, they are sturdy and long-lasting.

Acrylic grinders

These are made from acrylic, which is not only affordable but also strong making these the most popular type of grinder. Acrylic grinders come in multiple-piece designs with varying functionalities.

Metal grinders

Metal grinders are the most efficient. They have razor-sharp teeth that make shredding effortless and effective, and they come in various colours and multiple-piece designs.

Types in terms of compartments

  • 4-piece grinders – 4-Piece grinders are the most effective types of grinders. They shred and then filter the pollen-based on the size, allowing you to choose the best shreds for your experience.
  • 3-piece grinders – These also filter pollen but don’t capture the kief.
  • 2-Piece grinders – When portability is a priority, 2-piece grinders are the best option. They only have two compartments, which cuts down on the size, but they don't filter or capture the kief.

Benefits of Grinders

A grinder is not just another accessory that you buy, and it starts collecting dust. It can greatly influence the quality of your vaping session, among other benefits.

Better flavour

It is harder to extract flavour from bigger chunks of herbs. Finely shredded herbs absorb heat more evenly and easily release the flavour and aroma, leading to better flavour and overall experience.

Massive clouds

Vapers place a lot of value on cloud production. The bigger the clouds, the better the experience. Ground herbs can significantly boost vapour production because of the greater surface area upon which the heat acts. And it’s not just the clouds that bigger but also the taste and the hit.

Reduce waste

Crushing herbs using your fingers leaves most of the vital component – the trichomes on your fingers. Using a grinder can solve this and ensure you use every ounce of herb you have.

More potent

If you have more vapour and more flavour, the potency will also increase. Ground herbs have a larger surface area for the heat to act on, so more active ingredients are released.

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