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Smoking Accessories

For the best smoking experience, you need more than the basic essentials. You need a few carefully selected accessories that will help you get more out of your dry herbs. We have a wide range of smoking accessories you can choose from. Various accessories are designed to solve different challenges for smokers.

Choosing the right range of accessories will go along way in enhancing your smoking experience and extract as much as possible from your dry herb. Some of the best smoking accessories you should consider adding to your smoking arsenal include:


A grinder is one of the very first accessories you should buy as a smoker. Without one, you will quickly realize that crushing the herb can be a real test of patience. A quality herb grinder will help you get an evenly ground herb that is easy to with minimal effort. Once you have the grinder, all you have to do when preparing your cannabis for smoking is to rotate the two halves to reveal finely shredded weed with all the trichomes intact for an excellent experience.

Grinders come in multiple designs and sizes. Most of them have two halves, but our premium grinder brands can have more layers that include sifters and storage. The grinders are made from different materials, including acrylic, metal, aluminium and wood. You can choose what works best for you in our collection.

Rolling Paper

Rolling papers shouldn’t be an accessory. But because smokers have other alternatives like using normal paper, it’s often considered an accessory. Rolling papers are a vital addition to your smoking experience. It’s important to note that there are different types of rolling papers made from different materials. The costs and experience vary depending on the type of rolling paper.

Our collection of rolling papers features options made from rice straw, hemp, wood pulp, and hemp. Each of the materials has unique characteristics that impact your smoking experience in different ways.

Smokers looking for a premium experience can try our range of flavoured and coloured rolling papers. Flavoured rolling papers are ideal if you want to enjoy an additional taste to your smoking experience or for discrete smokers.

For smokers that are not keen on rolling joints by themselves or don't have the art of rolling joints down, we have an impressive collection of pre-rolled papers that saves you the hassle.


Lighters are your chance to add your personal touch to your smoking experience. Although the lighting process will always remain the same, you can choose from a robust collection of lighter designs that tell about your personality every time you whip it out.

Lighters are more than accessories. Without them, you can't smoke. Because they're cheap, it doesn't hurt to have more than a few at your disposal.

Our diverse collection features options that come as multi-tools that would be handy inside your car, office, or at home.

Rolling Tray

A rolling tray comes in handy when you can't find a flat, clean surface to roll your herb. Rolling it on your laps isn't a good idea because it gets messy, and you end up losing precious herbs. A portable rolling tray ensures you have a sturdy and clean surface where you can roll your joints. 

The trays come in various sizes and designs that make the rolling process more exciting. The tray is another opportunity to express your personality, and it is also a practical tool. If you want extra storage for your stash, we also have some options that come with extra stash storage.

Cleaning tools

Your smoking tools and accessories can get dirty after repeated use. The accumulation of grime can adversely affect your smoking experience. Cleaning all the tools and accessories once in a while ensures they are in the best condition to deliver the most amazing experience, and the weed tastes better and produces cleaner smoke.

At Flawless Vaporizer, we offer cleaning tools as a kit or individual cleaning tools. If you're purchasing your first cleaning set, we recommend purchasing a smoking cleaning kit. It has all the tools you need and it is cost-efficient.

Storage containers

These are the most overlooked but essential accessories there are. Storage containers will save you from losing any of your weed from deteriorating quality because of moisture, dust and other airborne contaminants.

Our range of smoking accessories goes beyond these handy options. We have bags, sliders and various packs to give to fellow stoners as gifts or gift yourself.

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