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One of the golden rules of buying CBD is buying from reputable CBD companies. With the popularity of CBD, finding dubious companies that attempt to sell you substandard CBD products has become surprisingly common.

LVWELL CBD is one of the several genuine CBD brands in the market. The company offers a variety of CBD products and works hard and diligently to ensure customers get the best quality CBD products for the best results.

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LVWELL started attracting attention in 2018. The brand has worked tirelessly to become one of the most popular CBD brands in the UK. The brand has done an excellent job of showing off the positive side of CBD through sustainable manufacturing and education to remove the stigma that surrounds CBD.

The brand focuses on full-spectrum CBD products that are both quality and affordable. LVWELL has exhibited a true passion for its customers and has tried to create something that everyone can enjoy.

From inception, the mission for LVWELL was to make quality CBD products that were accessible to everyone. What makes LVWELL a unique brand is that it was founded by people that were either using CBD themselves or working closely in the industry. The founders were able to leverage their knowledge and experience in the industry to make a real difference in the industry.

LVWELL CBD products are based on experience and research. Through the same research, LVWELL found that some types of CBD proved to be more productive and with longer-lasting effects than others. Using this information, LVWELL was able to produce its first line of full-spectrum CBD products in 2018.

Since then, the brand has gone on to join some of the most prestigious associations in the UK, including the Health Food Manufacturers Association and Cannabis Trades Association UK, because of its dedication to the CBD industry.

What Makes LVWELL CBD Stand Out?

LVWELL CBD stands out for all the good reasons. These include:

  • Accessible lab results for all products – Most CBD brands will claim all their products are third-party lab tested. However, finding the results is often a difficult task for the buyers. Not only are LVWELL CBD products tested, but the lab results for every product are also readily and easily available. Customers can access the reports before purchasing the products to know exactly what is in their CBD products.
  • Competitive pricing – Getting quality CBD products is usually costly. LVWELL CBD strongly believes in the power of CBD and is passionate about ensuring CBD is available to everyone despite the financial situation. They have made this possible by ensuring their line of CBD products is affordably priced.
  • Product diversity – LVWELL's massive product range is one of its greatest strengths. Despite having a vast range of CBD products, the brand has always maintained its high-quality standards, ensuring every CBD buyer gets the best quality products regardless of their preferences.


LVWELL has a variety of CBD products in different CBD strengths. Buyers have multiple options they can choose from depending on their preferences.

CBD oral drops

CBD oral drops were one of the very first products from LVWELL CBD. The drops were an instant success. The drops contain full-spectrum CBD with well-rounded effects. The drops come in various CBD concentrations to suit the needs of different CBD lovers. The built-in dropper attached to the lid makes measuring precise amounts for quick and straightforward use easy and fast.

Winterised vape booster

The LVWELL CBD winterised vape booster is designed to provide you with a completely flavourless vaping experience. The booster is perfect to use before a meal when you want to take your CBD but doesn't want something that will leave a taste on your tastebuds.

The boosters come in 500mg and 1000mg CBD options with full-spectrum winterised hemp extract for maximum benefits.

CBD Vape Juices

If you prefer to have some flavour when vaping, LVWELL has some CBD vape juices that fit the profile. The juices are carefully crafted and easy to use with potent amounts of CBD. The juices come in 30ml bottles that contain 300mg of CBD, making them among the most concentrated CBD vape juices in the market. 

Massage oil

LVWELL has not stopped producing the same CBD products that other brands produce. The brand has gone further to find new ways to help its loyal customers enjoy the benefits of CBD. Some of these new ways include CBD massage oil. The oil is made from 100% natural ingredients. It comes in a 100ml bottle with 300mg of winterised full-spectrum CBD.

Muscle rub balm

For active CBD users who often find themselves with sore muscles after intense competitions or training sessions, CBD muscle rubs are an effective way of getting immediate and targeted relief. LVWELL CBD muscle rubs come in a 30ml tub that contains 500mg of winterised full-spectrum CBD oil. Other ingredients in the muscle run include vitamins, flavonoids and terpenes.

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