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Smoking is one of the oldest ways of enjoying the benefits. The experience is often a process that involves procuring, finding the best rolling papers based on your needs and mastering your rolling style.

It might seem like a more straightforward process than other methods like dabbing, vaping, or using a bong. But the success of your joint depends on your ability to choose the right rolling paper and, to some extent, your rolling skills.

At Flawless Vaporizers, we are dedicated to providing you with the best possible experience by availing you of an extensive range of rolling papers to cater to your preference and rolling style.

Unrivalled taste to its fullest. At Flawless Vaporizers, we found out that each brand on the market enhances its offering by adding smells and flavours to its papers by using unique natural extracts meant for human use.

This function is the secret that makes a smoker enjoy the smoke and enhances the whole experience, particularly for individuals who are more sensitive to the flavour of certain varieties of grass. Thanks to rolling papers, cigars can now have various flavours such as fruit, menthol, liquorice, chocolate, candy-scented sweets, and many more tastes!

What's more? Inhaling the smoke becomes more pleasant for sensitive palates in this way, without adding any toxic ingredients to the mix.

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Types of Rolling Papers

There are different types of rolling papers in the market. What you choose depends on your rolling skills and other potential benefits you might want to enjoy.

Wood pulp

This is a traditional type of rolling paper. As the name suggests, the paper is made from wood pulp. Some brands contain additives that help to slow the burning rate of the paper. These are the most common and most affordable rolling papers in the market. But they offer a lower experience because the taste of burnt wood often affects the taste of the herb.

Natural hemp rolling papers

Using natural hemp rolling papers is covering your cannabis in more cannabis which for most blunt lovers is music to the ears. Hemp rolling papers are sturdy and easy to roll. They are an excellent choice for those that are venturing away from wood-pulp papers for the first time and also if you have limited rolling skills.

Hemp papers have a mild flavour that isn't detectable, and because the plants are fast-growing, this type of rolling paper is more sustainable. Our collection of hemp rolling papers features various brands from leading brands, some offering organic hemp rolling papers.

Rice rolling papers

Rice rolling papers are thinner and more delicate compared to the hemp varieties. They are more difficult to roll but deliver a tidy and smooth smoking joint once you get the hang of working the material.

One of the reasons rice papers are usually preferred is that they don't outpace the herb's burn. They create a clean taste that makes the flavour pop.

This type of rolling paper also presents longer and quality smoking sessions.

Ultra-thin rolling papers

Ultra-thin rolling papers are a confine of expert rollers. Once you master manipulating thin papers, you can consider using ultra-thin papers. The papers are made out of several materials. Regardless of the material, the idea behind using ultra-thin rolling paper is to minimise the amount of paper you use when you smoke.

Using ultra-thin paper helps to limit combustion creating cleaning hits, less ash and less coughing. However, these papers are harder to work on than papers with more density. Because of their light nature, they are more likely to tear. That's why they are best reserved for expert rollers.  

Coloured and flavoured rolling paper

These papers are not as popular mainly because they are a relatively new product. The coloured papers come in various combinations, including some transparent options. If you would like to infuse your flavour with another exciting flavour, you can use the flavoured rolling papers. These usually come in orange, mint, and bubble gum flavours. But the flavour profile is always expanding as manufacturers become more creative.

Paper Material

The most common material used to create them is paper, hence the name rolling papers. Let's take a look at some of the common materials these come in:

Wood cellulose/pulp papers

For more than a century, wood cellulose sheets have been the most popular. They may also be blended with other fibres, and their texture makes them simple to work with.

Are you a beginner? The flexible texture of these sheets makes them ideal for you. Wood cellulose papers keep their form well even in humid conditions or when your hands are sweaty and unsteady.

Hemp rolling papers

Over the last 20 years, the hemp sector has made a strong rebirth, and the cannabis community has received it quite well.

First and foremost, because these papers are composed of hemp fibre, they assist in conserving forests. Hemp papers are thicker and tougher than rice papers, allowing for a better rolling grip. They do, however, have a comparable proneness for absorbing and releasing moisture.

Rice rolling papers

The best rice sheets are made from all-natural components, which means that they are mostly made from processed and pressed rice.

Although rice paper is thin, it burns slowly. Because of the quantity of substance utilized in a single paper, it's an excellent choice for your health and for enjoying herbs with little to no aftertaste.  

Why choose from our collection of rolling papers?

Sticking with Flawless Vaporizers opens you up to a world where you can fully access two giant rolling paper brands that take your satisfaction serious:

  • RAW: They boast original rolling papers that have not been polished. All the way from the Alcoy area of Spain, it has become one of the most sought-after brands in the cannabis industry owing to its environmental friendliness.
  • Rizla: They walked centuries rolling and serving legends. With them, you can choose from a variety of options that are tailored to your smoking preferences

How to Choose the Right Rolling Papers

Choosing a roll of paper doesn't have to be science. After all, it's just paper. But considering the impact a rolling paper could have on the quality of your dry herb joint, it's essential to spend time finding the right paper for your skill level and one that will deliver the right results.


Size is the first factor you will need to consider when choosing a rolling paper. Depending on how adept you are at rolling joints, the ideal size of rolling papers. There are five sizes to choose from. Each works best for different smokers. You just need to know what you’re going to smoke and how you want to smoke it.

The fibre

After finding the right size, you can shift your focus to finding the right fibre. There are several options available. Each option has upsides and downsides. Just as with the size, what you pick depends on the experience you want and your experience level in rolling joints.

If you’re just getting started with rolling, the wood pulp rolling papers are the best option. Flax is the most advanced. They will cost you a pretty penny, but they deliver marvellously on the performance end because they have less combustion allowing you to take in more of the good stuff.


You don’t have to worry about sorting through tonnes of colours and even more shades. With rolling joints, you only need to worry about having bleached or unbleached papers.

Bleached rolling papers go through an oxygenation process that removes the residue of any kind from the paper. Unbleached papers don't go through this process. They have the same colour as fibre. Contrary to popular opinion, the classic white paper is not soaked in bleach. The process of making the paperwhite is entirely safe.

Glue or no glue

You will need the joint to stick together to keep everything from spilling out. There are built-in adhesives that make the job easier. But, the adhesive can hide a lot of chemicals, especially if the rolling paper doesn’t have the glue ingredients listed.

If you’re keen on keeping everything natural, go for rolling papers that use tree sap as the glue that holds everything together. Other rolling papers also use glue made from sugar. Whatever you choose, just make sure the ingredients are clearly indicated on the label.  

The Size of Rolling Papers

After settling on your preferred type of rolling paper, the next decision you will make is the size of rolling paper you would like to purchase.

  • Singles – This measures around 36 × 69mm. We often stock them in packs of 50. Although they are designed initially to role cigarettes, they can work for dry herbs as well. They are great for a solo smoke.
  • 1 ¼ S – These papers are very similar in length to regular size cigarettes. They measure around 44 × 77mm and are common among cigarette smokers. Because the papers are slightly wider, they give you that iconic "cone" shape when rolling. You also get to pack more herbs inside the roll.
  • 1 ½ S – Lengthwise, the 1 ½ S papers are equal to the 1 ¼ S. But these are wider, which means you can roll thicker joints that pack a heavier punch. For some users, the extra width also means that the paper is easier to roll.

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