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Bong delivers a smooth and cool smoking experience with great flavour and intensity. Great as they are, you can make your bong even better with our range of bong accessories. Not all the accessories will enhance your smoking experience, but others will make it easier to use the bong.

Regardless of the type of bong you have or your budget, at Flawless Vaporizers, we have an impressive selection of bong accessories that will enhance and elevate your smoking experience.

We sell normal Bongs, Beaker Bongs, Percolator Bongs, Cool Bongs, Mini Bongs, Silicone Bongs, Big Bongs, Straight Tube Bongs, Glass Bongs, Bong Bowls and Bong Accessories.

Range of Bong Accessories 

Ash catchers

An ash catcher is a water pipe attachment that stops any unwanted ash from getting inside the bong. Sometimes, the ash catcher might come with a percolator, but we also have varieties that don't come with the percolator if you already have one.

Ash catchers are attached to the stem of the bong. Although an ash catcher doesn’t improve the quality of the smoke, it reduces cleaning duties. With this accessory in place, you can keep your bong clean for longer.


A percolator is among the bong accessories you should buy first. It’s often confused with an ash catcher, usually because the two are grouped together. The main difference between the two is that the percolator is a part of the bong itself, while the ash catcher is an add-on that enhances usability. There are dozens of different types of percolators in the market that come with different designs, but they serve the same purpose. To provide a smoother, cooler and more filtered hit when you smoke.

Some of the common percolator designs include:

  • Honeycomb percolators
  • Tree percolators
  • Matrix percolators
  • Inline percolators
  • Downstems
  • Turbine percolators

Each of these comes with an elaborate design. Some are more effective than others in their duties, while others are a joy to look at when they work.

Diffused downstem

This is a simple bong accessory that adds additional filtration and diffusion at the point where the smoke enters the bong at the bottom of the stem. Diffused downstems are affordable and offer plenty of smoothness to your vaping experience. Although it is a simple-looking accessory, it is quite effective.

The main factor to consider when purchasing this accessory is the length determined by the type of bong you have. You also have to make sure it fits the joint size of the bong.

Quartz Bangers

A quartz banger is a nifty little accessory that alters the performance of your bong and turns it into a dab rig. Bangers are designed to withstand the high temperatures of dabbing and are a great accessory to consider if you’re considering dabbing or you enjoy dabbing.

There are several types of quartz bangers. The most common are the domed and the domeless bangers. Domed varieties improve the airflow, and there are wider options that support larger dabs.

Glass bowl attachments

These are simpler than other accessories on this list, but they have quite an impact on your smoking experience. With a good glass bowl attachment, you get more size to add larger packs or a larger or smaller rush hole for a different airflow type.

The glass bowls come in a rich collection of designs for smokers that love expressing their personality and adding some style to their bong.

There are two types of smokers who consider glass bowl attachments. Some consider them for aesthetic appeal and those that look at them from a functional standpoint.

Res caps

Res caps don’t directly affect your smoking experience. They are small rubber gaskets used to keep the water inside your bong from spilling when travelling. They can also help in containing the smell of your bong.

Most smokers prefer to use res caps when cleaning the bong and the water pipe in particular. They keep the cleaner sealed inside the bong while you shake and tip it to promote the breaking of the resin. They are a multi-purpose, affordable accessory that has earned its place in the bong world.


You can convert any bong into a dab rig by investing in a nail attachment. This is cheaper than purchasing a new dab rig. Considering a nail accessory is perfect for smokers considering a transition but want to wet their feet before going all out.

We have dab nails made from various materials like ceramic, quartz and titanium. You should consider a nail for your bong if you want to try out harder concentrates that are less gooey.

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