Collection: Cool Bongs

Bongs are naturally cool, even when they don’t have much going. That is how they have managed to remain relevant over the thousands of years they have been in existence. But we understand that some bong lovers are looking for a bong with a wow factor and one that will impress their friends and leave them swimming in envy.

That is why we have a collection of cool bongs made by the most creative minds and created to leave an impression. Because we understand that "cool" may be a subjective term in water pipes, we have a vast collection ensuring you can find something that is “cool” according to your standards.

We sell normal Bongs, Beaker Bongs, Percolator Bongs, Cool Bongs, Mini Bongs, Silicone Bongs, Big Bongs, Straight Tube Bongs, Glass Bongs, Bong Bowls and Bong Accessories.

Cool Bongs By Material

Cool bongs come in all types of materials. Because most water pipe lovers looking for cool options are looking for relics and gifts, we have bongs made from various materials.


A majority of our cool bong collection is made from glass. Glass is the best material to use for bongs, especially when you want a bong that not only looks cool but its functioning is also breath-taking. Glass is also preferred because it doesn’t impact the flavour of your herbs. Glass can be blown into hundreds of intricate designs to add functionality and beauty. It’s no surprise that our range of cool glass bongs is the most sought-after.

The bongs come in various configurations and designs. Glass bongs also have the best performance by far. The cool factor of glass bongs is not limited to how the bong looks but also how it works, giving you a double punch in one bong.

Silicone bongs

Silicone bongs are making a serious splash in the bong world. It's not a surprise because silicone bongs shine where glass bongs fail. Unlike glass bongs that are fragile, silicone bongs can serve you for a long time with minimal maintenance.

One cool thing about silicone bongs is you can fold them out and shove them in your travel bag, you can throw them in a dishwasher, and a good number comes with lifetime warranties.

Silicone bongs come in as many designs as glass bongs. The only additional benefit is that silicone bongs also come with some intricate and bold artwork that adds to the wow factor of the bongs.

Our cool silicone bongs are perfect if you're constantly on the move and need a smaller, effective, and easy-to-carry bong that is also easy to clean.

Ceramic bongs

Not long ago, ceramic bongs were the only option for stoners before glass bongs took centre stage. Ceramic bongs have been around for thousands of years. The artistry of making ceramic bongs has been near perfected. The bongs come in intricate designs and finishes that ensure you’re the envy of your friends.

Most buyers looking for ceramic bongs are often looking for aesthetic novelty pieces they can add to their collection. Ceramic bongs make the perfect novelty pieces for bong lovers who are serious about their cool bong collection. They often have an impressive backstory, and the diverse artwork covering the bong is just another layer of amusement and intrigue for you and your friends.

Ceramic bongs also deliver a smooth flavour and massive rips, which means they make excellent and functional bongs as well. They are also less sensitive to temperature than glass bongs which means you can enjoy your sessions longer. You can enjoy their cool factor and still enjoy some impressive vaping experience.

Types of Cool Bongs By Design

You can also choose your cool bong by design. We have numerous options available in various designs that ensure you get the best experience with stunning looks.

Percolator bongs

Percolator bongs are among the most versatile in design. We have a vast range of options that come in the most intricate and sophisticated designs that are sure to leave you and your friends in awe. There are different types of percolators that further diversify the collection of bongs available in our staple.

The best percolator bongs are those made of glass. Not only are they aesthetically impressive, but you can also watch them work as the smoke weaves through the different cooling chambers in the bong. It's a sight that takes quite some time to get used to.

Multi-chamber bongs

This is another type of bong that features complex glasswork with impressive designs. Watching the smoke move from one chamber to the next is quite satisfying and quite riveting. Even better, these bongs are not only a joy to look at but also deliver a smoother smoking experience.

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