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Every smoker should have a one-hitter in their collection. It's perfect for those that love to get a quick hit of their favourite flower when they are out and about. One hitter pipes are inconspicuous and are widely popular because of how convenient, portable and discrete they are.

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What is a One Hitter Pipe?

If this is the first time you’re hearing of one-hitters, it’s a small pipe used to smoke a single hit of cannabis, just as the name suggests. One hitters are made from various kinds of materials like ceramic, metal and glass. They are pocket-sized and highly portable.

Unlike most of our other range of herb smoking hardware, one-hitters are relatively simple and straight. They have a small bowl on one end where you can pack one hit of the flower. You light from one end and inhale from the other end.

Because of their convenient design and method of use, one-hitters are perfect on-the-go smoking devices.

Types of One-Hitter Pipes

One hitter pipes come in several designs and styles made from different materials. The type of material you choose is a matter of personal preference because all the materials work relatively well. The most common type of one-hitter pipe is the one that looks like a cigarette because it is the easiest to use and offers maximum discretion.

However, there are plenty of other options available. In most cases, the positioning of the bowl is varied to suit the preference of different smokers. The most important thing to remember when going through the available designs is that the design is a matter of convenience and preference.

Benefits of Using a One Hitter Pipe

One hitter pipes are an extremely niche herb smoking tool. They're not for everyone, but they deliver maximum benefits for those that give them a chance. These benefits include:

Low profile

One of the most apparent benefits of the design of a one-hitter is its low profile. If you prefer a lot of discretion when you smoke cannabis, a one-hitter will afford you just the right amount of discretion.

Because it looks like a cigarette, you can walk around while smoking your flower, and you're less likely to attract any attention because you look like someone smoking a cigarette.

Less odour

It's not just the design of the one-hitter that makes it a discrete smoking tool. It's also the fact they don't produce that much smell when you use them. This is usually because you're only taking one hit. When using other smoking methods, the prolonged sessions diffuse the scent all around you, attracting attention. This is not the case with a one-hitter.

It's not that using a one-hitter produces no smoke at all, but it allows you to choose your timing. If you're concerned about the smell, you can also consider using a sploof which will filter out the aroma of herbs every time you exhale.

Supply conservation

If your stash is running out and you haven't had the chance to replenish, sometimes you go into rationing mode. A one-hitter will come in handy when trying to extend your current supply as far as possible. Because the pipe works with singular hits, you can actively manage your weed. Using a one-hitter gives you a good measure of how much weed you need to get high and gives you an accurate gauge on whether you want another hit.

Easy to use

One hitters are all about convenience. You can take them with you everywhere you go. You don’t need any specialised equipment like a vape case to carry the pipe. You can just place it in your pocket or a purse, and it won't bulge out.

The only downside with a one-hitter is that you have to pack the one-hitter every time you're through smoking the one hit.

The one-hitter saves you the trouble of taking your rolling kit with you everywhere or taking a bong or dab rig which are bigger in size. All you need to do is pack a small number of ground herbs with your one-hitter, and you're good to go. With a lighter in hand, you can smoke your herbs no matter where you are.

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