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Ice bongs are for the people that love the finer things in life. They are a premium product for smokers that want the premium experience that these bongs have to offer. Most smokers who try our exquisite range of ice bongs rarely go back to using traditional bongs because of the significantly better experience they offer.

What is an Ice Bong?

Also called Ice Catcher bongs, these bongs are similar to traditional bongs in most ways. But, they have been modified to hold ice cubes inside their chambers.

The addition of ice cubes inside the bongs cools the smoke even further, making this type of bong perfect for smokers who enjoy cooler hits.

To hold the ice cubes, the bong uses an ice catcher. It’s a pinched glass formation present inside the chamber of the bong that holds the ice above the water chamber. This formation allows the bong to provide an additional filtration stage before the smoke flows into the mouthpiece.

Besides filtration, ice catcher bongs also cool the smoke even further delivering a cooler, crisper and smoother experience to the user.

How Do Ice Bongs Work?

Although there are different types of ice bongs made from different materials, they all work the same way. They are primarily made from three pieces of glass. The pieces extend outwards from the inside of the bong.

Besides the addition of the glass formation, the rest of the bong functions the same way as their traditional counterparts, including adding water inside the bong. The glass pieces help to keep the ice elevated.

As the smoke moves through the bong's body, it hits the ice in the last stage, lowering the smoke's temperature and making it more comfortable. Even a few pieces of ice can result in a noticeable difference when using an ice bong.

Why Put Ice in a Bong?

It's unnecessary to put ice in a bong, but it's a cool trick that enhances your smoking experience. Ice in a bong serves the same purpose as adding ice to a drink. It reduces the temperature of the smoke.

For the best experience, the ice is added up to the bong’s mouthpiece for a smoother and cooler hit. Ice bongs are perfect for smokers that find the smoke too harsh on their throat.

Types of Ice Bongs

At Flawless Vaporizers, we stock ice bongs made from various materials and various designs. Our expansive collection makes it easy for ice bong lovers to find their dream bongs without much fuss.

Glass ice bongs

This is the most common type of ice catcher bong and one of our best sellers. Our collection features glass ice bongs from various manufacturers and designs from around the world. They are affordable and deliver quality smoke to the user.


Metal ice bongs are not easy to come by. They are not as fancy looking as their glass counterparts and are incredibly heavy. Although they are unbreakable, they are harder to clean and can cause injury because metal conducts heat well and oxidises over time.


Silicone bongs are easy to mould, affordable and unbreakable.  When buying a silicone bong, ensure you get it from reliable and reputable suppliers like Flawless Vaporizers who don’t compromise on the quality of silica materials used to make the bong.

 In addition to the materials used to make ice catcher bongs, we also have different designs of bongs that offer various benefits.

  • Two-armed ice catcher – Two-armed ice catcher bongs are not the most popular. They have large slits that can allow smaller ice cubes to fall into the water chamber. However, they make an excellent starting spot for smokers trying ice bongs for the first time.
  • Three-armed ice catcher – This is the most common and most preferred ice bong catcher design. A three-armed ice catcher balances size and performance excellently.

When purchasing your ice bong from Flawless Vaporizers, keep in mind that the diameter of the tube and the thickness of the glass is directly proportional to the size and number of arms. 

Benefits of Ice Bongs

One of the reasons why ice bongs are so popular among smokers is because they offer extensive benefits in addition to cooling the smoke. These include:

  • Extra filtration – Ice adds an extra filtration layer inside the bong. By using an ice bong, the user can enjoy a cleaner, more filtered and better-tasting hits.
  • Bigger rips – With better filtered and cooler smoke, users can enjoy taking bigger rips without subjecting your throat to that burning feeling.
  • Better taste – Most users who have tried ice bongs rarely go back to the traditional bongs. The cooler smoke saves users from water splashback which is common with other types of bongs.
  • Aesthetic factor – Ice bongs top their performance with incredible visuals as you watch the smoke work its way around the bong’s body. The design of the bong is also a sight to behold.

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