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The beauty of the herbs industry is that it has something for everyone. It has products for stoners who are bold and proud about herbs and are eager to share its benefits with other people. There are also products for those that are shy and would rather keep their love for herbs under the wraps. One such product for the latter group is hidden pipes which are also known as stealth pipes.

These crafty and well-designed pipes allow stoners to go about their business without eliciting curious looks or unwanted attention. They come in an amazing collection that will surprise you.

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Why Buy Hidden Pipes?

Stealth and discrete pipes should be a standard for all herb lovers. They are stylish pieces that you can use to express your personality and conceal your smoking. Although smoking herbs is becoming mainstream, you may have several reasons to conceal your smoking, and a hidden pipe or stealth pipe is just the tool you need.

Although they come in intricate designs, hidden pipes are easy to use. They can take the shape or form of anything ranging from lipstick, USB sticks, keys, or even a pen. Don't be fooled by their small stature. Most of these pipes are quick loading and strong hitting, ensuring you get in as much as possible in a short time.

What Are the Benefits of Discreet Pipes?

The benefits of stealth pipes are many and far-reaching, especially in the right hands. One of the top benefits is how compact these devices are and consequently easy to conceal. You can take your pipe to work, college, trip, hiking and any other place you can think of without raising any suspicion.

The other benefit is diversity. There is practically a sea of hidden pipe varieties you can choose from. The sheer variety available means you can change your pipe any time you want or, even better, have several at your disposal at any given one time. Manufacturers have gone off the rails creating hidden pipes. The most common ones resemble keychains, lipstick, spark plugs and other vehicle parts. This creativity makes the pipes almost undetectable.

Creators and manufacturers understand that stealth pipes are often stored in pockets, bags and purses where they don't have the protection of a hardcover case. As such, the pipes are designed to withstand wear and tear and are extremely durable. You not only get value for your money but a reliable and loyal device that is always with you when you need to take a hit.

Best Hidden Pipes for Discreet Smoking

At Flawless Vaporizers, you will find an expansive range of hidden pipes from all your favourite manufacturers. Some of our best sellers in this category have been:

  • Ballpoint pen stealth pipe – This stealth pipe looks exactly like a pen. It will fit in your pocket or bag. It is capable of delivering strong hits despite its small size.
  • Cigarette style one-hitter – One-hitters are an asset to smokers that love discretion. But you can take things even further using this one-hitter smoke pipe that is perfect when you want a quick hit on the go. It is designed to look like a cigarette so no one will suspect a thing.
  • Nut and bolt discrete pipe – If you love getting your hands greasy or building things using your hands, you can now merge your love for engineering and mechanics with your love for herbs using this nut and bolt discrete pipe. It is the most engineering thing you can come across. It's no surprise that it is fast-moving.
  • Spark plug stealth pipe – You might raise a few whimsical looks when people see you with a spark plug in your mouth. But it will be hard to tell what is happening. This unique design resembles the spark plug of a car right down to the colour.
  • Golden keychain pipe – The golden key chain pipe is a revolutionary design for several reasons. It is light, small and highly convenient. It looks like an ornament and is perfect for use by both male and female herb lovers.
  • Lipstick pipe – Yet another great option for female herb lovers. This genius creation will easily blend in your purse and save you from the constant questions and looks when you want to take a hit.

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