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One of the best ways to keep your herb experience exciting is to keep afloat with the developments in the herb industry. At Flawless Vaporizer, we have made this easy for you by providing you with a comprehensive range of all things herbs.

If you’re a herb smoker and you prefer to roll your weed, you will be happy to know that we now have coloured and flavoured rolling papers designed to escalate your smoking experience by providing you with a specific taste that you can enjoy as you smoke your dry herbs.

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What are Flavoured Rolling Papers?

Flavoured rolling papers are designed to enhance the natural taste of rolling papers. The usually fruity flavoured papers complement the taste of the weed wrapped inside them. As a result, they give you a more robust flavour range unique from what you're used to.

Flavoured rolling papers are a great way to add a sweet treat to your smoking experience. Flavoured roll paper is also thought to help smokers that get the munchies after smoking manage the urge to eat until they get some real food. They are the perfect solution when you want to dress up your smoke for a special occasion or want to treat yourself.

Types of Flavoured Paper

Flavoured roll papers are not made equal. They are made out of different materials. If you prefer the type of material you prefer for your rolling paper, it's imperative to check the details of the flavoured paper before making the purchase.

Wood pulp

Traditional flavoured wood pulp rolling papers are a classic. They are easy to use and sturdy for smokers that prefer a broad palette, wood pulp adds a hint of charred wood together infused with the added flavour and the delightful flavour of herb.

Hemp rolling paper

Hemp is one of the most sustainable products in the market. Hemp rolling paper is perfect for smokers that are keen on using natural products. The best thing about hemp rolling paper is it allows you to enjoy the taste of the flavouring and the marijuana without other notable flavours. They are also great for the environment. However, because these papers are not as dense or as sturdy as the wood pulp varieties, they are slightly harder to work with. But they are great for the


Flax paper offers a little bit of everything. It is thin like rice, easy to roll like wood pulp or hemp and they have less combustion allowing you to get a balanced blunt with balanced flavours.


These are ultra-thin papers. They are a little slippery, burn slow and tricky to work with. Once you master how to work the papers, they can be incredibly rewarding.

Types of Flavours

It's fascinating how quickly the herbs market products quickly blow up. Flavoured rolling papers are considered a new product in the market. But already, there are tonnes of different flavours you can choose from depending on your preference.

You can choose from fruity varieties like Apple, Banana, Blueberry, orange, pineapple, raspberry, blackberry, cherry coconut, mango, peach and watermelon.

There are also more unconventional picks that are just as interesting, like birthday cake, bubble gum, root beer, Jamaican rum, marshmallow and tequila.

You can sample our vast range of flavours which is broad enough to keep your smoking experience evolving and exciting.

Choose from various sizes

Like regular rolling papers, flavoured papers also come in different sizes. What works for you, in this case, is purely a personal decision, but it could have a massive impact on your smoking experience because size and flavour play a significant role.

  • Singles – This is the smallest size of rolling papers. They are tedious to work with at first but allow you to make a small, tight joint perfect for smoking for one.
  • 1 ¼ S – This is one of the most popular sizes of rolling paper. They are almost the same size as a standard cigarette but have a slightly more conical shape. These papers are suitable for a group of up to three smokers.
  • 1 ½ S – For bigger and longer hits, the 1 ½ S size is perfect. They are larger than a cigarette and are ideal for a group of up to 4 seasoned smokers.

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