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The CBDfx brand has an excellent selection of CBD vape pens that are safe, effective and lab-tested. A respected brand in the vaping industry, CBDfx has sold millions of vape pens to its loyal customers since 2014. It has remained true to its pursuit for quality CBD vape products using organically grown hemp plants that are CO2 extracted for its refillable vape pens.

Whether you're looking for a no-brainer disposable vape pen that is filled with the finest quality ingredients, or you're a newbie looking for a vape pen with the lowest learning curve, this range of CBDfx vape devices is what you need.

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CBD FX Vape Kit

Considering this vape kit is designed by a company that specialises in all things vape kits, you can expect nothing short of excellence and mind-blowing performance.

The vape kit has a little frame with a nice and appealing finish. It’s built strong for on the road use and will easily withstand several knocks.

The device is easy to set up and use. It comes with a power button that controls most things. It is fitted with a ceramic coil that rarely shows signs of slowing down, emitting thick clouds of vapour and maximum flavour from CBD vape liquids.

The vape kit features airflow control to customise your vaping experience, is reasonably priced and is perfect for highly mobile CBD users who want a high-performance device that will deliver on the road.

CBD Disposable Vape Pens

CBDfx has one of the most comprehensive and exciting ranges of disposable CBD vape pens. This selection of vape pens feature pens pre-filled with broad-spectrum or full-spectrum CBD extracted from organically grown hemp, and it is as pure as you can get.

The vape pens are neatly fitted into appealing packaging that comes with all the necessary information you need to use the product. It's not just the packaging that is interesting but also the design of the pen itself.

CBDfx has made a deliberate move to make the vape pens in bold and vibrant colours. The vape pens are convenient, trendy and deliver an excellent vaping experience.

You have the option of picking from a range of up to 12 different flavours, each promising a unique and unforgettable experience.  These flavours include:

Strawberry lemonade

The strawberry lemonade flavour is packed with 30mg of CBD goodness. The vape pen is bursting with fruity goodness and packed with the taste of juicy strawberries and refreshing lemonade. The flavour is carefully balanced not to upset the natural properties and taste of CBD, ensuring you can still detect the natural goodness of the CBD.

Fresh mint

For CBD lovers that revere aromatic flavours, this fresh mint flavour is just what the doctor ordered. It's a new and fun way to get your dose of CBD. The disposable vape pen comes with all the benefits of organic CBD and packs in some refreshing and invigorating flavour with a cool breeze on the exhale. Like the Strawberry lemonade, the flavour is laid back here as well. It’s just enough to switch things up without tasting like a traditional e-liquid.

Blue dream

The Blue dream flavour features 50mg of CBD, which is perfect for CBD lovers who find that the 30mg CBD strength doesn't meet their demands. This CBD disposable vape pen vapes like a dream and comes packed with the power of terpenes from broad-spectrum CBD. It’s a potent blend that delivers a strong entourage effect with a hint of sweet blueberry to mask the taste of CBD and excite your tastebuds.

Honeydew Ice

CBDfx is not shy of trying out new blends and flavours to see what works. The honeydew ice flavour is proof of the fantastic things that can happen when you experiment and innovate. It has the optimum PG to VG ratio, giving you an effortless pull packed with 30mg of CBD. The CBD liquid has a delicious flavour with an excellent note on the exhale for a refreshing finish.

Tropic breeze

This is easily one of the most preferred flavoured of all the disposable vape pen flavours that CBDfx has on offer. It is a relaxing, refreshing and calming flavour that reminds you of days on the beach enjoying a delicious tropical cocktail. The vape delivers a premium tropical experience that will keep you coming back for more.

Melon cooler

Soak yourself in the taste and smell of melon in this well-balanced flavour that delivers a cool mouth-watering flavour of fresh melon.

OG Kush

Yet another flavour that is ideal for adventurous CBD lovers and packs 50mg of CBD goodness. The tasty pen has a discrete nature and is easy to use, delivering the earthy flavours of terpenes and the classic and unmistakable flavour of OG Kush.

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