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Rolling joints is one of the oldest ways of consuming dry herbs. Every expert joint roller understands the importance of getting the best rolling paper, depending on their preference. Like other devices used to consume dry herbs, the rolling paper has come a long way.

From the flavoured papers that were common in the 90s to the 100% transparent papers that were all the rage for quite a while, there’s no shortage of rolling paper in the market. The trick is choosing the right one.

Although experience plays a critical role in rolling the perfect joint, having quality rolling paper comes in handy.

RAW rolling paper is one of the few highly heralded rolling papers in the market and one that offers a variety to suit all joint rollers.

About Raw Rolling Papers

RAW is owned by HBI International, a leading US manufacturer and distributor of rolling papers. The brand offers a wide range of products, including the RAW line of rolling papers. HBI International has invested a lot in the cannabis market.

RAW was launched in 2005. It has grown to become one of the most familiar rolling paper names in the market. So much so that it has attracted a cult-like fan base for several reasons;

  • RAW rolling papers are additive-free. They don't contain chemicals or preservatives, common in other brands.
  • The lack of chemicals or preservatives not only makes the papers safer but also ensures you get the purest dry herb smoking experience.

RAW Rolling Papers Product Range

RAW has different types of rolling papers. Each type has unique properties and features that appeal to specific smokers.

RAW Classic rolling papers

The classic RAW rolling papers are made from a unique blend of unbleached fibres and natural gum. The papers are 100% natural and watermarked. They have an even burn with fewer chances for runs. You can find the papers in different varieties, including regular, creaseless, and rolls.

One thing that stands out about the RAW classic rolling papers is their clean and pure taste regardless of the size or design of the paper. It allows you to taste your dry herbs instead of the paper.

RAW Classic black

The RAW classic black papers are for smokers that enjoy the natural and pure taste of the classic papers but prefer thin rolling papers. These are the thinnest rolling papers that RAW has ever made. They’re so thin that the flavour of burning paper doesn’t even get in the way of your dry herb flavour.

The classic black papers are made from all-natural plant fibres and natural tree sap gum. Like other varieties of rolling papers from RAW, these ones also come in various sizes. They have a slow and clean burn. They are perfect for experienced joint rollers and have a superfine smoke.

RAW classic creaseless

Creaseless rolling papers allow you to create your own fold just how you like them and where you want them. RAW offers a range of creaseless rolling papers. The papers are interleaved and made from natural gum. They are watermarked and entirely natural.

Although the papers might be difficult for a beginner to roll out, experienced connoisseurs should not have problems with these papers. The greatest advantage of creaseless papers is that no paper is wasted.

The papers contain a mixture of unbleached fibres for the purest experience. When using the creaseless papers, be cautious not to wet the papers too much. The glue might come off.

RAW classic natural paper rolls

Regular dry herb smokers might benefit from stocking up on RAW rolls instead of pre-cut papers. Rolls allow you to cut make joints in any size you want at any time. The rolls come in single wide and king size varieties, which will enable you to roll your joint as small or as big as you want.

Like other classic papers from RAW, the rolls have a criss-cross weave that helps to prevent runs and gives you an even, pure smoking experience. Also, the paper is ultra-thin and waste-free because you get to choose the perfect size for your joint.

RAW organic hemp papers

Organic hemp papers are perfect for hemp lovers that want to enjoy the full experience. The papers are made from organically grown hemp, meaning it doesn't contain any pesticides or chemical fertilizers. These papers are perfect for purists. They come in regular, creaseless and roll varieties for easy selection depending on your preference.

Characteristically, the organic hemp papers are soft, making them easy to roll. They have a waxy feel that might take some time adjusting to, but you can get used to. The papers are also chlorine-free and are processed in an eco-friendly way. The gum used on the papers is also 100% natural, creating a smooth, extra slow burn that ensures you make the most out of your dry herbs.

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