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Beaker bongs are a timeless design. Their broad iconic base which gives them added stability and more water space has earned them a spot in the heart of every smoker. It's almost impossible to have a bong collection that doesn't include beaker bongs. Although they're not the most stylish, they are practical, simple and effective in delivering unique experiences to all users that give them a chance.

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What is a Beaker Bong?

Beaker bongs get their name for their base which flares out like a cone and looks more or less like the beakers found in labs. This unique design prioritises function over form and provides a more stable base for your setup.

At Flawless Vaporizers, we have a diverse range of functional beaker bongs perfect for both experienced smokers and novices trying bongs for the first time.

Beaker bongs are the most common type of glass bong. They are often preferred because of how much water they can hold compared to their counterparts like straight pipe bongs.

The ability to hold a lot of water increases the filtering and cooling features of the bong. Our range also includes some options that can be customised to include percolators for additional cooling and filtering.

Beaker Bong Features

Most of the beaker bong features are similar to those of other types of beakers. What makes them different is their structure and form.

The base

Beaker bongs have a wider base than most other variants. The broad base allows the smoker to use more water, allowing better and more effective cooling of the smoke. The base is also more stable compared to other bong designs.

The stem

Also known as the downstem, this is a vital part of all bongs. It is the bridge between the bowl and the water in the main chamber.


This is where smoking a bong starts. The bowl is where you pack your substance after putting it through the grinder. Beaker bong bowls come in different sizes and shapes and others just have a glass indent with a hole at the bottom. But they all serve the same purpose.


The mouthpiece is the last step for the smoke before leaving the bong and entering your mouth and finally your lungs. Traditional mouthpieces are horizontal, but we also stock varieties with angled mouthpieces that make it easier to get your hits.

At Flawless Vaporizers, we have Beaker bongs that come in a wide range of designs and sizes. There’s also an option for additional features, the most common one being a percolator which further enhances the beaker bong’s filtration ability.

Benefits of Beaker Bongs

Smokers have a bias for beaker bongs because of their unique benefits among them being the simplicity they offer. Other advantages include:

  • Smoother and cooler hits – Beaker bongs deliver a smooth and cool hit. Compared to other forms of glass bongs, beakers hold larger amounts of water that take away the roughness of the smoke often associated with glass bongs. Increased water volume translates to better filtration and cooling, resulting in a better experience.
  • Bigger rips – Beaker bongs are a worthy addition for smokers that love taking big rips. The cooler and smoother hits are kind on your throat, making big hits easier and more fun.
  • Sturdiness – The flared base of the beaker bongs is sturdier than that of other types of bongs. This makes using beaker bongs easier since you don’t have to worry about it tipping over and it reduces chances of breaking especially if you have glass bong.
  • Easy cleaning – Regular cleaning is vital in maintaining enjoyable draws. With long straight tubes and a broad base, cleaning beaker bongs is a breeze.
  • Simplicity – Using bongs can seem complicated if it’s your first time. Beaker bongs have a simple design that is easy and straightforward to use, making them preferable for novices.

How to Choose a Beaker Bong

We understand that every user looks for something different in beaker bongs. That is why we have an expansive range of options that you can choose from. Some of the factors to consider when shopping for a beaker bong at Flawless Vaporizer include:

  • Materials – We have beaker bongs made from different materials. Most of them are made from glass, but the type and quality vary depending on your budget. We recommend choosing the strongest glass for durability.
  • Size – Beaker bongs come in various size. The bigger the size, the bigger the draw and the more water it can hold. It's not always ideal to get the largest option. The most common size is the 8" beaker bong, but you can choose something you’re comfortable with.
  • Additional features – You need to consider if you would like some additional features with your bong. The most common additional feature is the percolator which is an impeccable choice. It will cost you more, but it will also offer you a better experience.

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