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Bongs provide among the best smoking experiences. The smoke is smooth, cool and satisfying. However, most bongs are too big and are difficult to carry around. If you’re looking for a similar smoking experience on the go, our range of mini bongs is what you’re looking for. The portable mini bongs offer numerous advantages. They are easy to carry around and easy to use on the road.

The small size of mini bongs makes them ideal for discrete vaping. You can use them while in your hand. You don’t necessarily need a stable surface as with bigger bongs. Mini bongs are also an excellent choice if you don’t want to smoke your entire stash at once. They have a smaller bowl which means you can extend your smoke sessions by vaping smaller amounts.

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What are Mini Bongs?

Mini bongs are the scaled-down size of a normal-sized bong. They pack all the same features as traditional bongs but in a smaller package that is around five or six inches tall.

Although mini bongs are smaller than average bongs, you can still fill them with enough water to cool the smoke before it reaches your mouth. With carefully selected designs and types of bongs, you can achieve an almost similar experience with using average-sized bongs.

Even better, the mini-bongs can also be equipped with ice catchers and ash catchers. You can also find mini bongs with percolators, mini dab rigs, and micro bongs for smokers who want an even smaller setup.

Benefits of Mini Bongs

There are numerous reasons why you should consider adding a mini bong to your collection, especially if you tend to travel often;


The greatest upside to having a mini bong is possibly its portability. Because of their smaller stature, mini bongs are easy to carry around and use on the road. You don't need substantial space to store or operate the bongs. Because of how portable mini bongs are, they are perfect for herb lovers who travel constantly or prefer to enjoy their herb in solace.


Mini bongs are smaller in size. They require fewer materials to make, which makes them cheaper. If you've been eyeing a particular bong but can't afford it because of the price, you might want to look for its mini-bong alternative. There's a good chance that might be within your budget.

Mini bongs are not just cheap. You can also get a good quality, heat-safe mini bong for a low price. Everything you would get in a normal bong just shrunk down in size.


The size of mini-bongs makes them perfect as an on-the-go smoking accessory. They are super easy to clean. You can practically reach every part of the bong easily. The bongs are lightweight and small enough to fit in your backpack. Some bongs will also fit in a large purse or travel bag.

If you're keen on finding a bong that is perfect for travelling, carb bongs are a perfect choice. They are low maintenance and don't have any removable pieces. But you can also try the other types of bongs if you want something a little more advanced.

Exceptional experience

Mini bongs are often underrated in their delivery because of their size. But most smokers are usually impressed by the performance and delivery of the bong the first time they try it. You just need to ensure you have the right bong with the right bowl. You will still get the amazing benefits of water filtration for smooth, huge hits that large bongs have become known for.

When using a mini bong, you can rest easy and have peace of mind knowing you don’t have to worry about your heavy and expensive bong getting accidentally knocked over during your group hang.

Aesthetic appeal

Mini bongs come in a variety of fun and unique styles and designs. The small stature of the bongs also happens to be quite the crowd-pleaser. Pulling out a four-inch ultra mini bong out of your bag is bound to make you the centre of attraction among your friends.

Differences Between Mini and Big Bongs

There are several differences between mini and big bongs that can help you determine if purchasing a mini bong is the right move for you.


One of the main reasons some smokers go for a mini bong is the price difference. Mini bongs cost far less for the same quality compared to larger bongs. However, it’s possible to find cheaper larger bongs and more expensive mini bongs. But the price always translates to a smaller price.


You can’t compare the portability of a large bong to that of a mini bong. Any smoker that has tried transporting a big bong can attest to the challenges involved. Mini bongs solve this problem by making it possible to stash the bong inside your bag and move around with it easily.

Size and Quality of Hit

The size of the hit is one of the few advantages that larger bongs have over mini bongs. But that doesn’t mean the quality of the hit is lower.

Mini bongs have better quality hits because the smoke mixes with less air, delivering stronger and better quality hits.


The small size of mini bongs works against them in terms of customisability. Larger bongs are better equipped to add ash catchers, down stems, ice catchers, or percolators. However, if you have a small bong that you would like to customise, you can turn it into a mini dab rig.

Choosing The Right Mini Bong

Finding the right mini bong is critical in ensuring you can maximise your experience and get the most out of your new bong. There are numerous factors you need to consider to choose the right mini bong.

The first is the type of bong you want. Like larger bongs, mini bongs come in a range of varieties that vary in function and benefits. After selecting the right type of bong, you should consider the cost of the bong.

You should also consider portability, determining how small the right bong for you should be. Also, consider the material of the bong, although almost always, glass is the best option. 

Things to Consider When Buying a Small Bong

Choosing the right mini bong ensures you enjoy the expected smoking experience. You should consider several factors when making the purchase that will help you pick the right bong for the right purpose. Some of these factors include:

The type of bong

Mini bongs come in different types and with different features. As with average bongs, the performance, smoothness and coolness of the smoke will depend on the type of bong and its features. Mini bongs come in various types like:

  • Beaker bongs – Beaker bongs are common and often preferred because of their large water reservoir, which allows for better filtration and cooling. Mini beaker bongs offer the same features and have a stable base, so you can place them on a flat surface when smoking instead of holding them in your hand. They are effective and have a simple design that makes them easy to use and clean.
  • Straight tube bongs – For smokers who are always on the road and are looking for a highly portable bong, straight tube bongs might be an ideal choice. The bong conserves space while ensuring you enjoy the maximum benefits associated with smoking from a bong. For an even better experience, you can accessorise the bong to enhance its functionality and benefits.
  • Percolator bongs – Mini bongs don't have to be basic and boring. Our collection of mini percolator bongs is all the proof you need. The bongs come in intricate and enticing designs that are not only fun to look at but deliver smoother and well-filtered smoke. These mini bongs come in different variations, so you can pick the ones that appeal to you most.
  • Carb bongs – Carb bongs have a small hole on the side instead of a regular bowl and slide. The bowl and downstem are usually one piece that fits tightly into a hole. With this type of mini bong, you don’t need to remove the bowl or the downstem to use. Simply cover the hole with your thumb and uncover it to inhale. If you tend to travel a lot, carb bongs give you fewer pieces to worry about.
  • Traditional mini bongs – Traditional mini bongs have their own bowl and slide. However, you can customise the bong with a funky novelty bowl or accessorise using an ash or ice catcher.


Every type of mini bong comes with different features. With numerous features to choose from, finding the right ones can be confusing. A few of the features that you should prioritise when selecting a mini bong include:

  • Avoid protruding parts – You want to make sure that your mini bong doesn't have any protruding parts, and if it does, they should be removable. This is more so the case if you travel often and want to bring your bong with you. The fewer the protruding parts, the more convenient and easier it is going to be carrying the bong around.
  • Essential features – Mini bongs come with the same features that regular bongs offer, including percolators and chillers. They might not be as effective as their larger counterparts, but they deliver a noticeable difference. Ensure you pick a bong that has most of the accessories built-in. The fewer the parts you have to carry around, the better.

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