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The bong market is dominated by glass bongs. They offer numerous benefits, not to mention that glass bongs have some of the most appealing designs. It also helps users get to see the action that takes place inside the bong when they choose to buy a glass bong.

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What is a Glass Bong?

Glass bongs are simply bongs made out of glass. The types of glass used to make the bongs differ and each offers a separate and unique set of benefits.

Glass bongs are either made from borosilicate or quartz glass. Options made from quartz glass will often cost more because quartz is purer, more durable, and can handle higher temperatures. However, borosilicate is also worth considering. Its features aren't that far off from those of quartz and with a little care and caution, your borosilicate glass bong should last just as long.

Shapes of Glass Bongs

When selecting a glass bong to add to your selection, the first factor you need to consider is its shape. Because glass is easy to mould, there are several shapes to choose from.

Straight tube

These are basic bongs that come with a neck, a downstem and a chamber. The downstem in this shape is set at 45 or 90 degrees. Straight tube glass bongs come in various sizes ranging from a few inches to several feet.


If the name beaker reminds you of chemistry class, that's because this type of glass bong closely resembles the beakers used in labs. They have a rounded or square base, and the downstem is placed at 45 degrees.

Bent neck

This shape is handy in preventing the water from rising up the neck into your mouth in what is called water splashback. The bent neck acts as a breaker mechanism.


Recyclers are the most appealing of the glass bongs. They feature multiple glass chambers that the smoke has to pass through before reaching your mouth. In some recyclers, the smoke is filtered twice through the water.

Egg water pipes

These are a recent addition. They spot a special design that splashes the water as with a percolator. With this shape, you can also add a perc to the mix to create a distinct pull.

How Does a Glass Bong Work?

Glass bongs might come in different shapes and sizes. But they all work under the same principle and through the same main features.

The process starts at the bowl. You pack the bowl with the ground dry herb before lighting it up. You then draw from the mouthpiece to fill the body of the bong with smoke. For novices, it’s best to take a break before removing the bowl.

After removing the bowl, the rush of air forces the smoke through the various stages of filtration, depending on the bong's design.

The functionality might differ a little with the more complicated designs but follows the same pattern.

There are other materials from which bongs can be made of. There are bongs made of plastic, rubber hose, aluminium cones, and wood. This type of bongs can cause harm to the health because they give off toxic fumes due to the accumulation of weed residue. Glass bongs are different because they are easily cleaned, which prevents weed residue.

What to do to a bong after use

 One of the most important things to do after using your bong is cleaning. Cleaning your bong after use prevents it from smelling and accumulating weed residue, which can cause sickness or coughing, headache, dizziness from the foul smell.

 How to clean glass bongs

  • Firstly, after every use, the water should be poured out of the bong before another session. One of the most effective ways to properly clean glass bongs is using hot water. The hot water will help to soften all hard dirt.
  • After this, add alcohol and salt, and shake it well; this helps scrub all parts which your brush could not reach in a short time.
  • After this, wash with soap and rinse thoroughly with water till no cleaning agent is found and you have a sparkling bong. This should be done once a day at a minimum if used frequently. Moreover, it is advisable not to share your bong with friends because it might spread germs. However, it is your choice, and we care about your choice. Therefore, if you wish to share your bong with friends, these are some preventive measures you can take to avoid spreading germs;
  • Heat the mouthpiece with your lighter: This is a way to kill off germs after your friend uses it. Let it heat up for several seconds and make sure you heat the necessary places and their surroundings.
  • Buy a mouthpiece: Buying two more mouthpieces made of silicone or rubber will also prevent the spread of unwanted germs. You can have your mouthpiece to yourself and have one other or others for your friend/friends. The mouthpiece should be properly taken care of after use.

What size of glass bong is good for you?

 There might be a problem that arises because you don't know the size of the glass bong to buy. It shouldn't be a problem; all you need is to consider these questions:

  • How fast do you want to get hit?

 If you want to get hired fast by a few pups, then you can go for the bigger size.

  • How long have you been smoking?

If you are a beginner, it is advisable to go for the smaller sizes while for one who is experienced, the bigger size is not a bad choice.

  • How mobile do you want it to be?

If you want a bong that will be easily carried around, the small size will be better.

Benefits of Glass Bongs

What makes glass bongs such a darling of the smoking world? Here are some of the benefits that continue to make glass bongs a hit among smokers.

Glass bongs are reusable 

With a little care and regular cleaning, your glass bong will easily last you a lifetime. All you have to do is take time to find the right bong, and you might never have to buy another one again.

Better smoke

Glass bongs produce better and smoother smoke. Glass also remains cooler than plastic when heated, making glass bongs more comfortable to use.

Allows accessorising

With glass bongs, you can accessorise in various ways, more so when you take time to find a glass bong that is easy to accessorise. You can add larger cone pieces, add percs, ice catchers and other fancy accessories or allow larger quantities of buds to be smoked at ago.

Easy to clean

Because glass bongs are transparent, they are easy to monitor for build-up. They are also easier to clean. They don't degrade over time due to cleaning, and glass doesn't make it easy for bacteria to thrive. Compared to plastic bongs, you should have a much easier time cleaning glass bongs.

Deliver an excellent experience

Without a doubt, glass bongs provide an exceptional alternative to smoking. You can draw massive rips, the smoke is cooler and tender on your throat and with a little practice, using the bong becomes easy.

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