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Right from time, the primary desire was to shred pipe tobacco without effort, but this was achieved by the use of knives which you'll agree is far from optimal. The problem was that they were too dull to cut effectively, and they got stained, becoming unfit for meals preparation.

What of hands? Not the best hygienic way to go. Thanks to two ingenious gentlemen in the 1900s. Through them, passionate stoners have all been able to ground their herbs effectively.

If you're a vaping enthusiast, you'll agree that grinding the weed is the deal. Good weed grinders help simplify your grinding process and speed it up, carefully conserving your herb quality by finely grinding it.

Grinders are very helpful and need little maintenance and cleaning to ensure they don't get clogged.  With all these in mind, Krush grinders followed the footstep to create a line of even more effective grinders. Now, shredding cannabis has never been so easy than with any of their grinders.

The Krush line of cannabis grinders will stand tall in your collection, offering function and modern design while providing fluffy, perfectly shredded cannabis.

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How do they do this?

You see, unlike most grinders, the Krush series isn't entirely round. The chamber is circular, but the grips are square with rounded, smooth edges making it fit beautifully and sit gently in hand. Your fingers wrap naturally around the corners, making it comfortable to operate.

This presentation is the perfect form of ergonomic herb grinder just for you. The teeth are crafted from anodized aluminium, which is ideal for making fluff weed. Each turn is exceptionally smooth as they grind it, and the herb fluffs up.

This effect renders your bud to the perfect size and shape for rolling joints and smoking, and \moves in ideal proportion through the joint- no more, no less.

You'll like to know that one end of the grinder also features a dish that you can use to store processed flowers. This ingenious idea allows you to transport your herbs wherever and whenever you want discreetly.

Completed with an ingenious inbuilt grinder for convenient on-the-go preparation and comes in a range of subtle, beautiful hues.

Parts of a grinder you need to know

There are three parts to this machine to a 3-piece grinder. They include:

-A lid with a bed of strong teeth or pegs for grinding.

A grinding chamber with holes at the bottom for ground-up bits to fall through.

-A collecting chamber where you collect your final deposit of herbs.

-There's also the added benefit of more storage. It gives you the chance to leave some cannabis in the bottom of the chamber and use it when you need it.

Three-piece grinders are good at breaking down weeds better because they contain two grinding sections instead of one.

Who should use Krush Grinders?

Kief lovers

Kief is life to those who love it. When it comes to the lifetime of your cannabis, kief is essential. If you love the amplifying effect of this cannabinoid-rich chemical substance generated from marijuana bud hairs, you might want to go for Krush grinders. It catches kief, increases your herb potency and extends the life of your stockpile.

People who are all about clouds

They believe how you grind your herb impacts the vapes; Krush grinders make your cannabis texture produce thicker clouds, improved flavour and more potent hits.

Wise investors

Krush's line of grinders is a wise investment for anyone looking to save you money in the long run and avoid squandering of herbs. The teeth and the dish helps you make the most out of your stash.

Here comes what you've been waiting for

Krush grinders come with specially textured handles and ergonomic design, so they save you stress from the physical demands of grinding. Feel free to check out their lines and make a choice you won't regret today: 

  1. Krush Grinder 2.0

The Krush Grinder 2.0 excels at grinding your herbs and tobacco to the desired consistency.

Constructed of highly robust 6063 anodized aluminium with length, breadth and width of 55mm x 55mm x 35mm. It boasts a lightweight of 170g and comes in colours of black noir, stone grey, and rose gold.

 Krush grinder 2.0 has a square design that makes it extremely straightforward and convenient to operate. The novel teeth shape allows herbs and tobacco to fluff up throughout the process with uniform grinding.

With it, you can store your herbs without scents or moisture. The silky curves are soothing on the hands; it doesn't matter how dense your herbs are; Krush grinder 2.0 makes turning the herbs simple.

  1. Krush grinder 3.0

This stylish and efficient winner is ideal for shredding herbs and flowers into the perfect particle size for rolling and smoking.

Not just a fantastic product by name, this grinder's similar sleek square form with the 2.0 is comfortable to grasp in your hand, and the smooth curves make it easy to spin regardless of how dense the floral material is.

What's more? It's also long-lasting and attractive, making it ideal for any smoker looking for the most remarkable smoking experience for the longest time imaginable.

The unique teeth design of the Krush 3.0 allows your herbs to puff up during the process, just like the 2.0. The depression on the top of the Krush 3.0 also functions as a convenient mixing bowl.

It weighs 170 grams, is made of 6063 aluminium and boasts a dimension of 55 mm x 55 mm x 35 mm. Also available in black, rose gold and steel grey.

Krush Grinders: The brand for true cannabis connoisseurs

With all that has been said, it is undebatable that the line of Krush Grinders scores high with functionality and contemporary design. It is complemented with a stylish exterior that ensures optimal grip while grinding—made with high-quality material, perfect artistry and a heart that seeks to meet standard smoker's needs.

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