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The Mi-Pod is one of the most iconic vaping devices in the vaping world. It stands out with its unique shape and vibrant colours. It’s not only a great vaping device but also doubles up as an excellent fashion accessory that most vapers love showing off.

On the surface, the excellent design and finishing give the pod its popularity. But once you buy it, you quickly realise that it's not all looks. It has a fantastic range of features and puts on a show with the thick clouds of vapour it is capable of producing.

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Build and Design Quality of the MI Pod

The Mi-Pod comes in a myriad of colour configurations. There are about 20 colour options that you can choose from, and the brand keeps on adding more.

Other than the colour, the size of the device is also notable. It's small and will easily fit in your pocket or sit comfortably in your palm. The Mi-Pod also comes with a lanyard in the box that allows you to carry the device on your next or add it to your set of keys.

Even though the device is light, weighing just under 40 grams, it has a reassuringly solid and sturdy feel to convince you of its quality.

You get two pods, each with a 2ml capacity with the purchase. The layout of the pod is clean and equally easy to use. There's a button you can use to turn the device on and off. Once it on, it is draw-activated, which makes using the device easier.

Rounded edges give the device a modern and ergonomic look with the charging port and the power button on the flat edge of the pod. There’s an LED indicator light inside the bay that flashes three colours to show the level of the battery.

Operating the Mi-Pod

Operating the Mi-Pod is relatively simple and straightforward. Once you receive the unit, it’s important to note that it doesn’t come charged. So, the first order of business is charging the batteries. As the device is charging, the LED will turn on. It will turn off once the device is fully charged.

The pods come packed in silicone cases. Before inserting the pods into the bay, remove the silicone cases.

Fill the pods using the refill port at the bottom, seal the tank and install it into the unit. Click the button on the flat side five times to activate the mod, which should now be ready to vape.


Smok has done an excellent job of trying to ensure to vaper misses out on the iconic Mi-Pod. It’s designed to cater to both direct lung and mouth to lung crowds.

The device comes with silicone inserts you can use to alter the draw of the device. With the inserts, the pod works as an MTL and without the inserts, it works as a DL.

The pod is fitted with 1.3ohm coils that produce a surprising amount of vapour, and they produce excellent flavour compared to other competitor devices within the same class. Besides the superb performance of the coil, it's also very durable, lasting for up to seven refills. With good practices and using the right kind of vape juice, the coil can last even longer.

Battery Life and Charging

For a small pod that easily fits in the fifth pocket of your jeans, the Mi-Pod has a surprisingly large battery. It has an internal 950mAh battery that operates on a direct output. It has an operating voltage range of between 3 to 4.2volts that sends about 13.5 watts to the coils when fully charged.

The device has an LED indicator with three colours that shows you the battery level. When the LED is blue, the battery is between 3.7 and 4.2 volts. When the LED is purple, the battery is between 3.4 and 3.7 volts, and when it's red, the battery is below 3.4 volts.  

The Mi-Pod has a cult-like following because of its unique looks and excellent performance. It's a device that every novice and seasoned vaper would love to have in their collection and be seen around with.

For vapers that value discretion, the Mi-Pod also comes with a stealth mode that allows you to vape while attracting minimum attention. Although most vapers love the thick clouds that vaping devices produce, it’s commendable that Smok thought of vapers that might prefer to enjoy their vape discretely.

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