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Founded in 2016, CBDistillery has remained true to its quest of providing CBD lovers with an exceptional range of products at prices that seem too good to be true. The brand is considered the most affordable despite having an enviable assortment of high-quality CBD vape and other products.

The brand rates highly on the quality of their product which is evident from the potency right down to the designing and materials used for packaging.

In an effort to provide its customers with as much information and knowledge about CBD and the products they purchase from CBDistillery the brand inserts miniature pamphlets into the boxes. This is an innovative way of ensuring the consumer has the easiest time using the product.

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Test and Certification

CBDistillery doesn’t only talk the talk in terms of quality but also walks the walk. It has all its products tested and goes as far as having soil testing and other assessments performed at the source to guarantee the purest and most potent organically grown hemp plants for extraction.

In addition to testing, the brand has all the necessary certifications for its products to assures its users of their safety and health when using CBDistillery products.

Like other CBD brands, CBDistillery acknowledges the popularity of vaping and has started investing in its own range of CBD vapes. One such product is the CBD vape cartridge.

CBDistillery CBD Vape Cartridge 200mg (0.5ml)

The CBDistillery CBD vape cartridge is a revolutionary product in many ways. It has a 510 thread which is the most common among vaping devices. It has a capacity of 0.5ml and contains about 200mg of CBD that is extracted from the hemp plant and is packed with plant terpene extracts and natural flavours.

This is an excellent cartridge for users that require high CBD intakes translating to about 400mg of CBD per ml.

CBDistillery has remained authentic in its chase for perfection. Even when adding flavoured CBD to its line of CBD vapes, the brand only used natural and authentic flavours.

For this grape flavour, the brand has used natural grape flavours further adding to the natural goodness and benefits that the cartridge has to offer.

Whether you’re looking for a portable cartridge to add to your collection or trying to find a well-balanced flavoured vape liquid, CBDistillery provides you with an all-in-one cartridge that is the answer to all your needs.

Reasonably priced and tried and tested by thousands of other users, these cartridges which also come in other flavours are the ultimate way of consuming CBD.  

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