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Rolling a joint is a valuable skill among users. The market has made it easier and more convenient to roll your joints by providing an extensive range of papers you can use depending on your skill level and preference.

Now, you can take your rolling skills to even higher heights and make smoking more fun and enjoyable with the range of tips we have on offer.

There are numerous advantages to using filter tips when smoking cannabis. For most smokers, being able to enjoy your joint to the very end without burning your fingers ranks as the greatest benefit of having a filter.

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Benefits of Using Filter Tips

Being able to smoke the entire joint is just one of the benefits. Others include:

Rolling the joint is easier with a filter tip

Because filter tips are hard, they give you a structured piece that you can use to shape the rest of the joint. The filter also helps to reinforce the joint, which is critical if you will be sharing with friends. That way, you lose less cannabis, and the smoking experience is more streamlined.

It improves airflow

The right filter tip creates good airflow throughout the joint. The joint burns better, and there is a better flow of smoke.

Filters are more hygienic

With a filter, there’s a hard surface where smokers can balance the joint as they smoke. The joint doesn’t get soggy, so you swap less spit.

A Wide Range of Filter Tips

A Flawless Vaporizer, we have a vast range of filter tips to choose from. We stock all the leading brands worldwide, so it's easier to find your preferred filter tip brand. We also stock various types of filters tips to allow you to find what works best for you.

Our vast selection of filter tips is made from natural and safe materials that make smoking fun while filtering large particles that you would rather not vape.

Choose from a wide range of tips designs suited for all levels of smokers, from starters to expert rollers. Most of our packages come with multiple easy-to-handle filters for easy joint-rolling no matter where you are.

Elevate your joint smoking experience using our assorted range of filter tips that will deliver the ultimate smoking experience and make fond smoking memories with your friends if you like sharing your joint.

Homemade Vs Professional Filter Tips

Some smokers have had plenty of success with using homemade filters. But, there are excellent ready-made filters that are much easier to use and more effective at filtering.

There are multiple materials and formats to choose from if you decide to go for professional filter tips. The filter tips can be made from thick paper, natural unrefined cotton and cellulose filters, or plant material like hemp paper.

Cotton and cellulose filters require more lung power but deliver smooth puffs and capture some pollutants and harshness. Plant fibres are thick, require less lung power and deliver more helpful compounds into your body.

Professional filters come in different sizes and come perfectly constructed to cool the smoke and trap some of the impurities.

You also have the option of making homemade filters. Like pre-rolled filters, there are numerous materials you can use, some of which are already available in your home.

Cardboard filters are the most preferred alternative to ready-made filters. More creative smoker use spiral-shaped pasta, which is much easier to use and doesn’t require any preparation. You can also use a business card or a similar card.

Unfortunately, these homemade solutions only allow you to smoke the entire joint. They don't filter or cool the smoke. They are a great fallback if you suddenly find out you're out of the pre-made options. But if you want a superior smoking experience, less harsh and filtered smoke, our range of professional filter tips is the best option for you.

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