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Storz & Bickel

Plenty Vaporizer

Plenty Vaporizer

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Plenty Vaporiser by Storz & Bickel is robust, powerful, silent and lightweight!

The Plenty Vaporiser is a premium hand-held device, comprising a Hot Air Generator and a Vaporisation Unit (Filling Chamber with Cooling Coil and Mouthpiece).

This vaporiser operates without any pumps or balloons. This makes the device quiet and convenient to use. The highly efficient stainless steel Cooling Coil ensures consistent cool and delicious vapour.

Plenty Vaporizer Features

  • Temperature Range 266°F – 396°F (130°C – 202°C)
  • Excellent Performance & Results
  • Robust Design
  • Silent
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Dimensions: 7.9 x 6.1 x 2.4 inch (20.0 x 15.5 x 6.0 cm)
  • Weight: 0.7 kg (1.5 lbs)

Kit Contents

  • 1x PLENTY Vaporizer
  • 1x Vaporization Unit
  • 1x Tubing Section, long
  • 1x Tubing Section, short
  • 3x Normal Screen (approx. Ø 30 mm)
  • 1x Herb Mill (approx. Ø 59 mm)
  • 1x Cleaning Brush
  • 1x Instructions for Use 

For decades, the Storz & Bickel company has been associated with the best vaporizers in the industry. The Plenty Vaporizer is not any different. It is one of the hardest-hitting session style vaporizers. Basically, it is a portable Volcano and the perfect option for heavy users or vapers with a high tolerance.

If you want a device that allows you to pack massive amounts of herb, then the Plenty Vaporizer is just the device for you. It's not the most portable device in the market, but if you're looking for a hand-held vaporizer that you move around within the house, it gets the job done. Where it fails in portability, it more than makes up for in experience.

Plenty Vaporiser Review

How it Works

Despite the intimidating design, the Plenty is easy to use. It has a filling chamber and cooling coil that sit above the heater. When you draw, the hot air flows over the herbs to get vapour. The cooling coil helps to cool the vapour before you inhale it.

Using the device start by plugging it in, selecting the temperature. You can then pull the orange handle for the device to start heating. It will take about three minutes to get ready. While heating, the device has an orange light and when it’s ready for vaping, the light will go off.

Place your dry herbs into the chamber. The device also comes with a mesh pad included that you can use with concentrates. Place the chamber and cooling coil on top of the heater, and you're ready for your first rip.

Temperature Range

The Plenty has a fantastic temperature spectrum ranging from 2660F - 3960F. But if you leave the temp range at maximum, the temperature will go up to 4200F.

There's a rotary dial near the bottom of the device, which you can use to control the temperature and select your desired temperature settings.

Vapour Quality

Vapour quality is one of the primary factors every herb lover considers before settling on any device. Having been in the industry for a while, Storz & Bickel understand how vital vapour quality is. That is why their devices have dominated the market for the longest time.

The Plenty Vaporizer has been in line with all the other Storz & Bickel vaporizers, producing flavourful and thick vapour. Using top-quality materials to make the device has ensured that vapers can enjoy pure vapour that is not impacted by the materials. This makes the Plenty Vaporizer a must-have among vapers for its convenience and superior vapour production.

Aesthetic and Feel

The Plenty Vaporizer doesn't stop with the quality vapour production. It also has the aesthetics to match. With the proven manufacturing quality that Storz & Bickel is known for, the device has a sturdy and reassuring feel in your hands and has stunning looks.

Although it is marketed as a portable device, it’s best used as a desktop vaporizer because it is to be plugged into a wall socket, particularly when you have parties or inside events.

The design of the design oozes power and resembles some sort of power tool. It’s a unique look compared to other vaporizers, and vapers that love standing out and attracting attention will love this device for its appearance.

Performance and Features

The Plenty Vaporizer can be used with both wax/oil and dry herbs. Regardless of what you use, the device is user-friendly and doesn’t come with any fancy apps that can be annoying, frustrating or complicated.

Despite keeping the simplistic approach, the device does its job effectively, providing a fast vape session. It also has a considerably fast heat-up time, allowing you to get your vape going faster.

The temperature range is vast and easy to adjust. The device also packs a large oven to pack more herbs and a small liquid pad so you can enjoy some wax or oil.

Manufacturing Quality

Manufacturing quality is one of the aspects that Storz & Bickel has been most consistent with. The manufacturer has always placed the quality and engineering of its products first. This is evident in the durability and longevity of the products.

Compared to other hard-hitting Storz & Bickel products like the Mighty Vaporizer, the Volcano Hybrid and Volcano Classic, the Plenty Vaporizer is considered more affordable. Even with the price difference, the manufacturer has still maintained the quality of the device.

The Plenty is a solid and durable unit that will easily last several years with proper care and maintenance.

It has a stainless steel heating chamber with no glass pieces, and the design and assembly of the device are superb, to say the least.  

The Plenty Vaporiser doesn’t just stand out design-wise but also in terms of performance. It delivers impressive, thick and tasty vapour. The exposed metal cooling unit on top ensures the vapour is smooth and the clouds are cool.

Although the Plenty is a handheld device, its performance is comparable to that of larger desktop vaporisers. It works with dry herbs, waxes and oils, delivering a complete vaping experience. The extra-large herb chamber and oven save you the trouble of repacking, especially when you're enjoying the session with friends.

The Plenty is not your average vaporiser. It has several unique features that you probably won’t find in any other vaporiser. These include:

Wide airflow

The quirky design of the Plenty looks intimidating to inexperienced vapers. However, the Plenty has several features that make it appealing to new vapers. Among these is the wide airflow that guarantees quality and intense vapour clouds with minimal resistance regardless of draw style.

The Plenty has a cooling unit that makes a simple whistling noise to signal the vaper to slow down the draws. For new vapers, this feature is invaluable and ensures you time your draws and get them right for the best experience.

Dead man’s switch

Everything about the Plenty is over the top. Other than its overall design, the device also has a unique control scheme. The power switch on this vaporiser turns it on, but it doesn’t get the device to start heating. For that, you have to squeeze the orange trigger on the handle. There’s a light on the front of the temperature gauge that will turn on to let you know the heating is working.

When you squeeze the trigger, the vaporiser warms quickly. If you don’t keep your hand on the trigger for a short time, the temperature will start to drop. Squeezing the trigger again will get the device to engage the heating element. The mechanism is not only unique but also riveting.


There's no doubt the Plenty Vaporiser is the quirkiest device on the market. It has notable differences compared to other vaporisers in the same category. The Plenty is certainly a force to reckon with, offering an amazing vaping experience, thick and flavourful clouds of vapour, all with the convenience of portability. It’s an excellent option for vapers that want an option that straddles the balance between desktop vaporisers and portable vaporisers and don’t mind carrying some extra weight around as long as they get the best possible performance on the road.

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