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LINX ARES Honey Straw

LINX ARES Honey Straw

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Extract the power with Linx Ares.  The stylish Honey Straw has been designed with simplicity in mind, you can now instantly vaporise your concentrates straight from the container, eliminating reclaim and waste.


  • Coil-less ceramic rod atomizer - To ensure each puff delivers a powerful yet fresh flavour every time.
  • No loading - Simply dip the pen into extracts.
  • Two temperature settings - Use the lowest setting for an boost of great tasting flavour and the highest setting if you enjoy large and dark clouds.
  • East to clean and maintain - Featuring magnetic cape, Ares can be disassembled easily into multiple components.
  • Glass mouthpiece - To ensure that no metal or plastic comes in contact with your vapour before it reaches your lips.

Box Contents:

  • 1 x Linx Ares vaporizer
  • 1 x Linx Ares atomizer
  • 1 x Linx Ares battery
  • 1 x Linx Ares battery sheath
  • 2 x Linx Ares glass mouthpieces
  • 1 x Ceramic concentrate jar
  • 1 x USB charging cable
  • 1 x Atomizer cap
  • 1 x Mouthpiece cap
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush
  • 1 x Power button section
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